Spot it! Numbers & Shapes

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Spot it! Numbers & Shapes

Spot it! Numbers & Shapes

  • from Blue Orange Games
  • We recommend this product for
    ages 3 and up
  • No batteries required


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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

Spot It! Numbers & Shapes is like Blue Orange Games' original Spot It! game only designed to introduce preschoolers to math. There are three ways to play, but the object is always the same: find two matching cards. The game includes 31 cards decorated with the numbers one through nine and an assortment of colorful shapes. There is always only one match between any two cards. Players try to be the first to find the match. Depending on the game variation you're playing, finding a match means you either get to keep the cards or discard a card. The player with the most matching cards or no cards wins. The cards and instructions come packaged in a tin canister. The game is for two to six players.

Why It’s Fun

This is an easy-to-learn but challenging game because sometimes the matches are not instantly visible. Little kids especially will like the basic challenge of this game, and the excitement and learning comes from kids suddenly perceiving a match that they had not seen initially. As kids search for matches in this game, they learn to recognize single digit numbers and geometric shapes. Color recognition is also reinforced. Parents can play with the included advanced tips to explore simple arithmetic and the properties of shapes with their child.

Who It’s For

Spot It! Numbers & Shapes is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Blue Orange Games also makes a Spot It! Alphabet game, which is sold separately.


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