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    ages 7 and up
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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

Anaconda is a classic shape-matching puzzle for one player. The object is to arrange the eight pieces in the puzzle to complete the snake. There are 100 different puzzles in three levels, all in increasing levels of difficulty. At the basic level, the player gets the positions for two of the tiles. For the wizard level (the hardest), you get only one position: the one with the letter showing through. Players must complete the snake and use all of the tiles, even if some of them are blank. To add a little more fun or challenge, the tiles are two-sided.

Why It’s Fun

This is an engaging exercise for developing perceptual acuity, rotating pieces in the mind's eye, and spatial relationships. While we found some of the lower levels easy, the higher levels were really somewhat challenging and required a bit of concentration. This is also a logic-based game, so what we found worked best was taking our time and planning our moves before we put the pieces on the board. Even though there are only eight shapes, they fit in ways that can be quite challenging. For kids who love puzzles, this is a terrific, escalating challenge. It's deceptively simple and, at least for us, a little bit addictive.

Who It’s For

Anaconda is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

We can also see this being used in an academic or tutoring setting to help kids develop logic and concentration.


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