Hexbug Nano V2 Infinity Loop

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Hexbug Nano V2 Infinity Loop

Hexbug Nano V2 Infinity Loop


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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

The combination of kids and creepy crawlers has always led to hours of fascination. And Innovation First's unique electronic creepy crawling Hexbugs have been doing the same the past few years. But the new Nano V2 bugs are becoming even more lifelike in the new 23-piece Hexbug Nano Infinity Loop from Innovation First. That's because Nano V2 bugs aren't just crawling they are climbing, upside down through the loops and tubes horizontally on their sides, crawling around corners, and navigating around their fellow Hexbugs. And if the Hexbugs accidentally find themselves on their backs, they can flip themselves over.

This set comes with one Nano V2 bug, two straight tubes, six curved tubes, 10 connectors, one HEX cell base with removable walls & gates, four fixed pegs, and two rotating flags.

Why It’s Fun

For hexbug fans and fans of creepy crawlers, this is a fun playset. Kids can build different configurations, add additional Nano V2 bugs, and connect this set with other sets in the line for added fun. Plus watching the Hexbugs navigate the Infinity Loop is simply mezmorizing.

Who It’s For

The Hexbug Nano V2 Infinity Loop is for ages 3 and up. However, it will probably be most intriguing to slightly older kids 5 and up who can understand and have facility with the pieces.

What To Be Aware Of

The Hexbug Nano V2 Infinity Loop is compatible with other Nano V2 sets.

One button cell battery is included.


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