Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws

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Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws

Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws

  • from MGA Entertainment
  • We recommend this product for
    ages 6 and up
  • No batteries required


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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

Bratzillaz was a new Bratz doll line that debuted in 2012, and it featured the Bratz girls as witches, using their powers for good and wearing their fashions for glam. Now the Bratzillaz are having a beach party under the stars with the Bratzillaz Midnight Beach dolls.

Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws wears a furry bikini with sparkly bone accent and a geometric-patterned cover-up. The doll also comes with a hat, sunglasses, earrings, wedge sandals, necklace, and hairbrush. And because this doll line is all about playing at the beach at night, the doll glows in the dark. As with all Bratzillaz, Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws comes with a "witchmark" (kind of like a tattoo) of a tribal cat on her thigh, symbolizing her ability to communicate with animals.

Why It’s Fun

The monster theme is still pretty popular in the doll aisle these days, and Bratzillaz Midnight Beach dolls play into that with these glam witches. Kids will like the fashionable beach attire and the glow-in-the-dark feature that allows them to play out the midnight beach party in the dark.

Who It’s For

Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional dolls in the Midnight Beach collection include Meygana Broomstix, Cloetta Spelletta, Yasmina Clairvoya, Jade J'Adore, and Fianna Fins. Each doll is sold separately.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion about this doll. Some people will feel the bathing suit is over the top and too much for young kids, while others won't have any problem with this doll. It is up to parents to decide if this doll is appropriate for their kids.


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