HELO TC Assault

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HELO TC Assault

HELO TC Assault

  • from Griffin Technology
  • We recommend this product for
    ages 14 and up
  • 4 AAA batteries required


Repeat Play

Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

The HELO TC Assault is a touch-control missile-launching helicopter. Plug the included Flight Deck module into the headphone jack of an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, or Android device, download the HELO TC Assault app, and you're ready to fly. It's easy to set up and the app is a free download from the App Store or Android Marketplace. The Flight Deck module translates commands from the phone into infrared signals that beam to the helicopter. Players can choose between Touch Control, a joystick-type controller, or Tilt to Steer, a motion controller. The HELO TC Assault features a twin-rotor design and the ability to record up to three flight plans for easy repetition. The helicopter takes about 35 minutes to charge completely using the enclosed USB charger, and you get about 10 minutes of constant flying time. The HELO TC Assault also comes with additional rotor blades and missiles in case of damage.

Why It’s Fun

The HELO TC Assault flies well and is easy to control. In addition to the ease of controlling and the satisfying flying as well as the cool missile-firing feature, one of the things that makes this worth the money for fans of R/C helicopters is how intuitive the app is. One of the things people always want with these kinds of toys is the ability to get flying without a lot of time learning the instructions. This doesn't take a lot of time at all. This is priced slightly more than toy helicopters of the same scale, but for a kid or an adult who is going to get a lot out of this, it's definitely worth the money.

We tried this on both the Android and the iPhone, and it worked flawlessly on both. We had a slight preference for the iPhone, though, because it fits in the hand a little better, and the Flight Deck module lets your iPhone feel like a traditional R/C controller.

Who It’s For

The HELO TC Assault is for ages 14 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Four AAA batteries are required, which are not included.

This is for indoor use only.

There is also a version available without the missile-firing feature that costs about $10 less.


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