Dive & Swim Mermaid Dora

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Dive & Swim Mermaid Dora

Dive & Swim Mermaid Dora

  • from Fisher-Price
  • We recommend this product for
    ages 3 and up
  • No batteries required


Repeat Play

Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

In a special television episode of Dora the Explorer, Dora transforms into a mermaid so she can help the Mermaid Kingdom find its lost treasure. Based on the TV episode, the Dive & Swim Mermaid Dora doll actually swims in water. To make Dora swim, bend the doll's mermaid fin in half until you hear it click into place. Wind Dora's left arm for about eight revolutions. Place Dora on the edge of the bathtub facing the water and ready to dive. Press the button found on the center of the tail-fin. Dora will dive forward into the water and then turn over onto her back. Dora will then swim backward across the length of the bathtub. The doll also comes with a comb.

Why It’s Fun

With the Dive & Swim Mermaid Dora doll, kids can bring the underwater adventure from the TV screen to life. This is also a great way to add some fun to bathtime for Dora fans, especially if they are reluctant bathers. Kids will enjoy watching Dora "swim" and engaging in all kinds of imaginative play.

Who It’s For

Dive & Swim Mermaid Dora is for Dora the Explorer fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Dora swims best when her hair is wet. For best results, wet Dora's hair before beginning play.

Do not remove Dora's hair from her ponytail. She will not swim properly if her hair is not in a ponytail.

Drain, rinse, clean, and dry all items thoroughly before storing.

As with all bath products, parental supervision is recommended. Children should not be left unattended when in or near water.


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