Skylanders Wave 4 Figures

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Skylanders Wave 4 Figures

Skylanders Wave 4 Figures

  • from Activision
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
  • Available on: Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3
  • Available March 19, 2012


Repeat Play

Learning Curve

What It Is

The only complaint that we ever hear about Skylanders is that the figures are impossible to find in stores. Activision hears those complaints also and is working furiously to release new figures into the market. The latest wave of figures—Wave 4—is arriving in stores now and includes the three brand new figures Lightning Rod, Zook, and Sunburn.

All of the new figures (including previously released waves) are designed to be played in the game, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. When you place any of these collectible figures on the Portal of Power (a wireless game peripheral) the figure becomes your playable character in the video game. All of your character’s game progress is stored on the figure and can be played in another person’s Skylanders game. 

Why It’s Fun

Skylanders figures have become the latest collectible craze for kids and one of the most successful video game collectibles of all time. Each figure is part of an elemental collection such as Water, Fire, Air, Magic, and Tech, and collectors love finding figures to complete their elemental collections. Sunburn is sold in the Dragon’s Peak adventure pack and completes the line of Fire figures. Lightning Bolt and Zook are sold separately in individual packs and bring the number of Air and Life figures to three each.

Who It’s For

Skylanders the game has become a huge hit with gamers of all ages. Kids as young as four can play and will love it as much as their older siblings and parents.

The Wave 4 figures are mainly going to appeal to kids and adults that have been collecting and playing with Skylanders since the initial launch in November of 2011.

What To Be Aware Of

The Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack is available exclusively at Toys "R" Us. The Zook and Lightning Rod characters are being shipped to retailers nationwide including Toys "R" Us, Best Buy, Gamespot, Walmart, and Target.

There are rumors online that the Wave 4 figures will be released on March 21. According to Activision, Wave 4 figures are out now, however, they have been selling out quickly and are hard to find. Activision will be shipping additional figures during the entire month of March, so more should be arriving in stores soon.

Each Skylander figure comes with a trading card, sticker, and web code. The figures will work on all game systems and the web code opens up new experiences online.

Repeat Play

Every Skylanders figure opens up new content on the Skylanders game, which raises the game’s repeat play value. The figures themselves can be played with over and over or displayed as part of a collection.


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