Toy Story 3 U-Command Buzz

Toy Story 3 U-Command Buzz

Toy Story 3 U-Command Buzz

What It Is

Once kids have seen Toy Story 3 (hitting theaters on June 18, 2010), they'll be looking for ways to play with their favorite toy characters off-screen. Thanks to Thinkway Toys, there's at least one Toy Story character that kids can really interact with. Buzz Lightyear comes to life right in your home with Toy Story 3 U-Command Buzz. U-Command Buzz is over 13 inches tall and comes with a wireless remote control for instant commands and nearly 1,000 action sequences. Buzz moves forward, backward, or spins 360 degrees in either direction. Kids can activate his laser, make him talk, or program him to speak Spanish-just like in Toy Story 3! Buzz comes with more than 25 sayings in his original voice. Kids will love the authenticity in this toy and they'll love playing with their favorite space ranger even more.


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