Spira-Chalk Blaster

Spira-Chalk Blaster

Spira-Chalk Blaster

  • from Crayola
  • We recommend this product for
    ages 6 and up

What It Is

Put your sidewalk chalk in motion with the Crayola Spira-Chalk Blaster. Using this new sidewalk chalk tool, kids can create big, multi-colored spiral designs. The Spira-Chalk Blaster is kid-powered and needs no batteries. Just insert a stick of sidewalk chalk into the blaster, press down to launch it into a spin, and watch as it skips across the driveway or sidewalk leaving cool, colorful spiral designs in its path. It makes different patterns every time! Kids can even play games with the blaster, guessing how far they think their chalk will travel or what shapes it might make along the way. The Spira-Chalk Blaster comes with a chalk launcher, two chalk wheels for creating different patterns, and five sticks of Crayola Sidewalk Chalk.

Sidewalk chalk lets kids be creative while playing outside. But with the Spira-Chalk Blaster, the classic play pattern of sidewalk chalking gets a cool new twist that kids will love! Plus, the Spira-Chalk Blaster gets kids up and moving, instead of drawing in a seated stationary position, as they chase after their chalk.


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