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What It Is

When is a "green" toy more than just something that's good for the environment? When it's really a lot of fun, too. First launched on Earth Day 2008, the biodegradable, small-carbon-footprint of Cadaco's EnviroBLOX is definitely a feel-good aspect, but these things are FUN. It's classic, open-ended construction play that's easy for even the youngest kids to do. They're highly tactile and very versatile.

And, yes, they really are like those foam peanuts that are used for packing. Just moisten them and stick them together, and they stay. Don't worry if your pieces come apart, a little water gets them back together.

The foam, as noted, feels great to play with, and it can be compressed to make additional shapes, which adds to the creativity. The large sets also come with shaping tools, and building is limited only by kids' imaginations.

It's also easy to make big models quickly, which appeals to the younger players. These are great for individual play, and they're priced right that they can make a great playdate activity. The directions are very clear and rather than dictating models open the door to individual creativity by getting kids thinking of forms they can build. It's deceptively simple and very ingenious.

The littlest kids should probably be supervised until they understand just how much moisture is required to make the pieces stick together well. Too little water and the bond won't hold. Too much and the pieces dissolve.

We definitely recommend these colorful, versatile building sets. They come in a wide variety of sets, including an 800-piece tub, a 400-piece extreme builder set and a variety of small, themed sets, including Workshop, Kitchen, Pets and Monsters.


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