Time to Play’s Summer 2012 Scavenger Hunt!

The search is on for the hottest new summer toys! If you find it, you win it. It’s that simple.

How To Hunt:

  1. Sign in with your Time to Play account. Don’t have one? Create one in seconds for free. If you’re not signed in, you won’t see the hidden icons.
  2. Every day from June 11-June 17, six awesome summer toys will be available for you to find and win. When the time is right, come to TimeToPlayMag.com and scour the site for the Summer 2012 icon. It will look exactly like this:
    Once you find it, click it! The icon will disappear and you will automatically win.
  3. Every icon represents a toy that you can win. One toy will be hidden here on TimeToPlayMag.com every hour on the hour from 1-3 PM Eastern Time and 9-11 PM Eastern Time. For example, if the 1 o’clock toy is found by someone else, you can come back at 2 o’clock to try again. The list of toys and their availability time and date is below.
  4. Every time a new toy is hidden on the site, a hint will be posted on our Facebook page. Like us to get these important clues!
  5. Check back on this page to see what toys have been found and what’s still hidden. The icons can be hidden anywhere on any page on TimeToPlayMag.com. The clues on Facebook might help you, but you’re going to need your thinking caps. Good luck!

Today’s Prizes:

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Summer 2012 Scavenger Hunt Rules

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