Young Artist Finger Painting Set

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Young Artist Finger Painting Set

Young Artist Finger Painting Set

  • from Faber-Castell
  • We recommend this product for
    ages 3 and up
  • No batteries required


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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

Get your smocks on and get ready for finger-painting fun with the Young Artist Finger Painting Set. This comes with four tubes of washable finger paint (red, yellow, blue, and green), four foam painting tools, a mixing tray, 25 sheets of special finger painting paper, and a plastic apron. You can squeeze the paint directly onto a piece of finger painting paper or use the tray to mix colors and use the rollers. All the tools can be stored (after you clean and dry them) inside the paint can storage bucket.

Why It’s Fun

We found the colors in this set to be vibrant and great quality. Painting is an amazing activity for kids. It encourages creativity and good old-fashioned art play. Kids can really express their stories or thoughts through art, and having supplies whenever they feel a creative spark coming on is a great way to encourage this.

Who It’s For

The Young Artist Finger Painting Set is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

These finger paints are all non-toxic and can be washed off clothing and surfaces. But like all paints, take precaution and make sure to cover your work surface.

The tactile nature of fingerpainting is especially good for developing hands and fine motor control.


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