Squaredy Cats

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Squaredy Cats

Squaredy Cats

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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

The Squaredy Cats line of soft, square-shaped cats that are not "squared" of anything expands this year with new characters. Each cat has its own theme and plays off the phrase "scaredy cat." And because these cats are square-shaped, that's why they're called Squaredy Cats. These are designed to empower kids and show what they're "not squared" (as opposed to "not scared") to do. The new characters include Coolette: Not Squared to be Hip, Dazzle: Not Squared of the Spotlight, and Zanie: Not Squared to be Unique. Returning characters include Candi: Not Squared to be Sweet, Midnight: Not Squared of the Dark, and Tiger Lily: Not Squared to go Wild.

Why It’s Fun

This collectible stuffed animal line encourages kids to express themselves and reflect their individual personalities. Each Squaredy Cat is different so kids can pick the one that they most relate to or collect them all.

Who It’s For

Squaredy Cats are age-graded for birth and up, but the content is not something babies will relate to, though they may enjoy the colorful characters. These will mainly appeal to kids 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If the Squaredy Cats get dirty, you can handwash them in cold water and let them air dry.

They're not particularly cuddly, given that they're very block-like. However, kids that find them cute will enjoy playing with them.


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