Zoobles Azoozia Collection

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Zoobles Azoozia Collection

Zoobles Azoozia Collection

  • from Spin Master
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    ages 4 and up


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Assembly & Instructions

What It Is

What It Is

There's a new type of Zoobles hitting toy store shelves — Zoobles Azoozia. These Zoobles are a little bit larger than the original Zoobles but that's because they hide a surprise inside. Just like the original Zoobles, the Azoozia Zoobles start off as a ball and spring open when placed on a Happitat (a magnetized accessory with the magnets molded into the plastic). When kids press down on a latch on the back of the Zooble, a baby Zooble (or Zoobling) pops out. The Zoobling will also spring into action when a lever on its head is pressed. There are three different mom and baby sets, each with its own Happitat.

Why It’s Fun

This is great classic mom/baby nurturing play for girls who may have outgrown their baby dolls but not the classic play pattern. And it's like getting two Zoobles in one. All the fun of the original Zoobles is in the Zoobles Azoozia collection, but now kids can play out a new Zoobles storyline.

Who It’s For

The entire Zoobles line is targeted to girls. Zoobles Azoozia is for ages 4 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The baby Zooble is very small and must be held in just the right way so that no fingers block the parts that are supposed to pop up. This could be frustrating for younger kids.


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