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  • Time to Play: Top 10 Back to School Supplies

    By Ruby Wright

    Back to school shopping is my favorite time of the year because I have two little ones ages 3 and 4 who love to do activities. […]

  • Time to Play: Never Too Old to Play

    By Arlett R. Hartie

    I was not that kid who neglected or out grew her toys. I loved them all and played with them until they broke or got lost. I had all kinds of toys: dolls, kitchen sets, games, stuffed animals, little robots, video games, card games, bikes, scooters and more. I even had a race track set. No such thing as boys only toys in my house. My most favorite of all were my dolls. I still have a warm place in my heart for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. At the age of 32 I'm not ashamed to say I still have about six Cabbage Patch Kid dolls in my basement right now. […]

  • Time to Play: Road Trips

    By Dwan Perrin

    Road trips can become mundane quick, especially if the drive is more than a couple of hours. Add in fidgety kids in the back seat and the whole family is ready to crawl out of their skin before you are half way to your destination. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? Your vacation does not have to wait until you reach your destination to start. There are lots of ways to make the drive enjoyable for everyone. […]

  • Time to Play: Disconnect to Reconnect

    By Meredith Sinclair

    I was a girl of the 70's & 80's. An era where people were limited to the phones in their homes, and they weren't at all smart. Those brightly colored, push button plastic contraptions were usually connected to the wall by long spirally leashes and had no voice mail, fun little apps, or texting. If you needed to speak with someone, you waited until they were home - and off the phone. As a society we were far less reachable, accessible, or bothered. We mainly shared photos of family adventures and other cool things we did with people who actually knew us. Not in order to collect "likes" on Facebook, or followers on Twitter. And we spent hours upon hours roaming the hood with our pals playing hard and getting dirty. "Screen-time" wasn't even a word. […]

  • Time to Play: Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Child

    By Helena Stone

    Back at Toy Fair 2012, it seemed like just about every toy manufacturer was showing off a new tablet. Five months later, these tablets are finally starting to materialize. But just like with the tablets designed for mom and dad, the tablets for kids marketplace is already saturated with a plethora of many choices. So before you pick up a new tablet for your child, here are some qualities to look out for in a tablet. […]

  • Time to Play: Upcycle Your Home

    By Kelly Moran

    It is no wonder that trash picking is a hobby for some. On any given trash day, usable items such as furniture, house wares, bikes and toys line curbsides everywhere. To see them head to the dump is wasteful and disheartening. I want to rescue them all, but sadly I do not have the time nor space. I wonder to myself, if people are becoming more conscious about recycling plastics and cardboard, papers and aluminum, why not take a moment to upcycle some of the usable items in your home? […]

  • Time to Play: 9 Things to Do With Your Newborn

    By Stephanie Anderson

    There are toys for kids of every age: newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school age and onward. Mechanisms that enhance coordination, motivate speech, educate and encourage creativity and imagination. Kids need to play. Playing helps kids grow, mature, learn and process. […]

  • Time to Play: Outdoor Adventures

    By Brandy Tanner

    Our family has always loved being outside during the warm New Hampshire months and this year we were blessed to live on the property I grew up at which means we have a pond and a lot of wild life visits. We are able to find ways to enjoy the great outdoors with little to no toys, meaning we use our imagination heavily! […]

  • Time to Play: When We Go Camping

    By Julie Kieras

    When we go camping... It's always more work than we expected! […]

  • Time to Play: Does Your Child Help With Chores?

    By Amy

    My husband and I were JUST talking about this last week. As kids, we both had to complete chores. I think chores are important for children and here is why. Children need to feel as though they're part of something. They can't feel that way if they don't have chores and make contributions to the family. Chores are one of the best ways to build a feeling of competence and establish helpful habits and good attitudes about work. […]

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