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  • Four Ways to Make Chores Fun for Kids

    By Kyle Albert

    Part of raising a well-rounded child is the task of assigning them responsibilities at an early age, such as helping with household chores. These activities don't need to be associated with the "more work, less fun" idea when there are ways to actually make children interested in washing the dishes or making their beds. To help you out, here is a list of effective ideas that you can incorporate with household chores to make the chores more exciting and fun. […]

  • 10 Creative Halloween Costumes

    By Kristin Hackler

    Instead of piecing together last-minute costumes from last year's Halloween outfits, consider some of the following ideas for fun, easy, and most importantly, creative costumes for your trick-or-treating troupe this year. […]

  • Halloween Broomstick Recipe

    By Tiffany Bendayan

    I am so happy that October is here! It's time to start getting silly and making lots of fun concoctions. I love this Mozzarella Halloween Broomstick treat because it does not contain a lot of sugar and kids LOVE IT!! Plus, it is not gross or scary but very Halloweenie! Making it is very easy. It requires just three ingredients, and your kids can help you prepare it. […]

  • Take Your Kids to Work

    By Tanita S. Gray

    Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, I had plenty of experience with separation anxiety from my children. As a mother of five, that anxiety kicked in way too often. I have probably brought my children into my workplace a total number of two times in 10 years. Even though my "office job" included being in the fashion industry as a footwear designer and department manager, it included constant overseas travel with everything being due yesterday. In my line of work, no time seemed like the right time to bring them. […]

  • Adapting Play for Children with Special Needs

    By Jamie Krug

    My children are only 16 months apart. When we are at the grocery store, or the drugstore, or a restaurant, people often ask how old they are. When I tell them that my son and daughter are 3 and 4 years old, they often look at me with a mix of horror and pity. […]

  • How to Raise a Reader

    By Jenni Buchanan

    A perennial question among parents of kids young or old is:

    "How can I raise a child who loves to read?"

    We hear this question repeated year after year because parents know that raising a skilled and frequent reader will give their child a headstart in school and in life. It truly is the gift that lasts a lifetime. Parents also know, however, that there are more and more attractive distractions out there, vying with books for our children's attention. If we want to raise readers, we can't just sit back and let it happen naturally anymore. We have to be proactive. […]

  • Cooking Around the Campfire Equals Bonding Time

    By Joe Laing

    Nothing brings the family together like a camping trip-except maybe for cooking and sharing a meal. When you combine the two, it's the ultimate bonding experience. Here are some tips and menu ideas for camp cooking that will please taste buds of every age, whether you're enjoying the comfort of an RV or staking your tent in the woods. […]

  • Personalized Pillowcase Goodie Bag Tutorial

    By Cassie Wasem

    The year my daughter turned 7, slumber party-themed birthdays were incredibly popular. Many parents were not crazy about letting 6 and 7 year olds have sleepover parties yet so the theme was a hit. My daughter asked for a slumber party-themed birthday so I wanted to come up with a cute goodie bag/gift for the girls who attended the party. Thanks to Pinterest, I was instantly inspired to create these personalized pillowcases. […]

  • Building Skills through Play

    By Nanette Gomez

    As a parent of a special needs child with sensory processing issues and poor muscle strength, I need to think out of the box a little bit when it comes to playtime. I want playtime to not only be fun, but also educational and skill-building. I think toys should help develop skills my child needs to master. […]

  • Throwing a Patio Painting Party

    By Angelo Digangi

    When you want to throw an awesome birthday bash for your child, take it outside and host a patio painting party! No, it's not what you think. This is not a party where you get the neighborhood kids to perform free labor by painting your patio. I'm talking about an outdoor extravaganza where you can create birthday memories to last a lifetime-and it all fits inside a terra cotta flower pot. […]

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