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  • How to Raise a Reader

    By Jenni Buchanan

    A perennial question among parents of kids young or old is:

    "How can I raise a child who loves to read?"

    We hear this question repeated year after year because parents know that raising a skilled and frequent reader will give their child a headstart in school and in life. It truly is the gift that lasts a lifetime. Parents also know, however, that there are more and more attractive distractions out there, vying with books for our children's attention. If we want to raise readers, we can't just sit back and let it happen naturally anymore. We have to be proactive. […]

  • Cooking Around the Campfire Equals Bonding Time

    By Joe Laing

    Nothing brings the family together like a camping trip-except maybe for cooking and sharing a meal. When you combine the two, it's the ultimate bonding experience. Here are some tips and menu ideas for camp cooking that will please taste buds of every age, whether you're enjoying the comfort of an RV or staking your tent in the woods. […]

  • Personalized Pillowcase Goodie Bag Tutorial

    By Cassie Wasem

    The year my daughter turned 7, slumber party-themed birthdays were incredibly popular. Many parents were not crazy about letting 6 and 7 year olds have sleepover parties yet so the theme was a hit. My daughter asked for a slumber party-themed birthday so I wanted to come up with a cute goodie bag/gift for the girls who attended the party. Thanks to Pinterest, I was instantly inspired to create these personalized pillowcases. […]

  • Building Skills through Play

    By Nanette Gomez

    As a parent of a special needs child with sensory processing issues and poor muscle strength, I need to think out of the box a little bit when it comes to playtime. I want playtime to not only be fun, but also educational and skill-building. I think toys should help develop skills my child needs to master. […]

  • Throwing a Patio Painting Party

    By Angelo Digangi

    When you want to throw an awesome birthday bash for your child, take it outside and host a patio painting party! No, it's not what you think. This is not a party where you get the neighborhood kids to perform free labor by painting your patio. I'm talking about an outdoor extravaganza where you can create birthday memories to last a lifetime-and it all fits inside a terra cotta flower pot. […]

  • 10 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

    By Catherine Moss

    It's summer! The time of year where fun and freedom reigns! It also seems to be the time of year when parents hear "I'm bored" and "What are we doing next?" a couple dozen times a day. I don't know about you, but I don't have the money to pay admission to the local pool, a variety of museums, the zoo, every ice cream shop within a 20-mile radius, or play putt-putt every single day of summer. With this in mind, I have 10 easy, fun, and inexpensive ideas to beat summer boredom. […]

  • Five Rainy Day Activities

    By Amy Chandler

    Whether you're staring down the barrel of summer vacation or a rainy weekend, you'll want new ways to keep the kids entertained and out of your hair. While holidays and weekends are a great time to get things done, they can quickly become boring for your kids if they aren't given something constructive to do. Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to spend big money to keep the little ones busy. With a few household items and packages of stickers, you can keep the kids busy and entertained for hours. Here are five ideas for projects for the kids that won't break the bank: […]

  • Best Toys to Keep Kids Active

    By Melissa Rodriguez

    Do your kids spend more time exercising their thumbs on their favorite video games than actually going outside and playing? A lot of our children are spending more time on the couch playing games on phones, tablets, and video game machines. While this is not entirely bad, too much of this can't be good for our children's health. Kids are supposed to get 60 minutes of activity each day. We have to make subtle lifestyle changes to get our children more active. Children are not going to want to go outside and run laps and do jumping jacks. That's boring! It has to be fun. […]

  • A Kid's Guide to Birthday Party Etiquette

    By Makeba Giles

    Birthday parties are always a lot of fun. It is a time for kids to connect with each other outside of the classroom or adult family functions. It is a space that is designed just for them to relax and have a good time! And while this is definitely true, there are still some steps of etiquette that should be followed by both the children and the parents to ensure that everything goes smoothly. […]

  • Encouraging Creative Play

    By Connie Gomez

    If you want to see creativity and imagination, then watch a child play for an hour. It always amazes me how interesting lifeless toys and objects can be to a child. My children are toddlers: Santi a 3-year-old and Cami a 2-year-old. Every day is a learning experience not only for them but also for me as a parent. […]

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