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  • Time to Play: Let's Pretend

    By Tara Hernandez

    Imagination, pretend play, and dress up are something all children have in common. Imagination plays a very important role in a child's up bringing. It helps them to be creative thinkers and will help them to "branch" out of normal everyday life. When we think of pretend play we usually think of small children, but really pretend play is good for any age. Not only can small children use pretend play to play Doctor, Mom, Dad, Teacher, etc... but we can also use pretend play to teach children how to react to certain situations and about different occupations. Here are some ideas to get the imagination flowing in your children. […]

  • Time To Play: The Birthday Shuffle

    By Karen Coutu

    Planning birthdays in regards to boy/girl twins is difficult enough, but when you throw a 3rd child's birthday into the mix just two weeks prior, things become even more complicated. This is exactly the case in our household. Our twins will turn 3 years old in mid January. Our older son will be turning 6 at the beginning of the same month. Not wanting to have any one child feel shortchanged, how do we celebrate each birthday with both his or her peers and our family members? […]

  • Time to Play: Goodbye Summer

    By Stacey Moore

    I cannot believe how fast this summer has flown by. With school starting on August 11th (August 5th for us teachers), we have already started to get ready for back to school. We are excited each year to begin preparing for a new school year as getting ready for school is a little different at our house. Yes, we have a Kindergarten Princess and a 5th grade Superstar to prepare but as teachers, my husband and I have classrooms to prepare as well. We have shopped and purchased all the necessary supplies, clothes, and teaching resources to prepare us for the first day of school. […]

  • Time to Play: Summer - Let the Games Begin

    By Ana Picazo

    Summer camp? Summer shmamp! We've had ten weeks of summer vacation, and my kids have spent just two of those at a summer camp. The rest of the time they have been at home with me. But they haven't been bored at all. We've gone berry picking, visited museums, taken swimming lessons. […]

  • Time to Play: With Memories

    By Mariana Perez

    I love watching my daughters play. Their carefree innocence and boundless imagination is refreshing! Every once in a while, a bit of nostalgia hits and I take a moment to think back to what I used to play with when I was a little girl. […]

  • Time To Play: Fun & Easy Summer Snacks For Kids

    By Piera Jolly

    As a mom, I'm always looking for quick and easy snacks for my toddler and this is especially true in the summer when we are always on the run to the next fun activity or place. The truth is that snacks can not only be easy, but they can be FUN too! Below are some of our favorites&-your kids will think you are the coolest mom or dad ever when you serve them these fun and easy treats! […]

  • Time to Play: My Way

    By Erik A. Fisher

    I love to watch kids play, and I love to play with kids. I feel lucky enough to be able to do both everyday. As a psychologist and a father, I love what I do and feel blessed to see kids show me who they are, what they feel, and what they are learning through the manner in which they approach play. […]

  • Time To Play: Outdoors in the Summer

    By Audrey McClelland

    In my family, the summer is all about being outside. Our days are filled with going to the beach, going to the pool, playing in our backyard and heading to our local park. Simply put, my sons love playing outdoors. I especially love it because it's time for them to be BOYS! They don't have to worry about being inside and having to be quiet while the others nap or have to clean up the toys in the living room when they're done. They can run and jump and skip and swim and hop and race with smiles and laughter - true excitement in the sun. […]

  • Time To Play: In Nature

    By Kelsey Norwood

    As a kid, I remember being outside constantly in the summer. We lived in a tiny town in southern Oregon with a little creek in our backyard and fields all around. Most of my best childhood memories are of playing outside, eating watermelon or popsicles in the backyard, getting dirty, and just being a kid! […]

  • Time To Play: Summer Activities for Babies and Toddlers

    By Victoria Arya

    As a mom of a two year old and a one year old, I know how difficult it can be to find age appropriate summertime activities for babies and toddlers. Many of the organized activities during the summer are geared toward children who are five and older, and many of the summertime products are geared toward children who are older as well. So, keeping those issues in mind, I have learned to be creative in trying to come up with activities that will keep the kiddos occupied, happy and safe...thus keeping me sane! […]

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