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  • Time to Play: Family Bonding

    By Joe Degen

    My husband and I have a large family. Where I come from, "weird" would aptly describe having so many kids (I come from New Zealand). Where we live now, "normal" would describe it - but if I was asked? "Perfection" would be my reply. […]

  • Time to Play: Gender Toys

    By Andrea Millay

    I never put much stock into "gender toys" until I had my first son. I was over-diligent exposing him to "girl toys"- babies, dolls, tea parties, etc. All he wanted was balls, cars and anything else that had wheels or moved. So when my second son was born I naively thought he would be the same. To my dismay, I was horrified when, shortly before Christmas this year, I found out that my 20-month-old had a deep abiding love for babies and dolls and I simply had no clue! […]

  • Time to Play: Fabulous Fashion

    By Beth Grund

    Today we're talking kids and fashion, and sharing fashion trends from the past (vintage) into the present (modern). My idea of fun is taking what kids (and this means you little misters too) love to use - their imagination - and letting it go wild with fun, versatile clothing. You can go from playing "Tea with the Misses" to "Keeper of the Gate at the Royal Castle," then turn around, jump in the car and go off to the park. No need to shed those favorite styles that are setting off your fantastic adventure! Letting a child's imagination and creativity flow with play is fascinating to watch and build strong memories with. […]

  • Time to Play: Tackling the Halls of Toy Fair 2010

    By Keri Wilmot

    Walking the aisles and touring the booths on my inaugural trip to Toy Fair 2010, on a quest for the latest and most exciting toys with a development and learning focus, was both exhilarating and exhausting. Being an occupational therapist who has promoted children's sensory and motor development through toys for the last ten years, I can definitely say the Toy Queen has died and gone to toy heaven! For three straight days we searched and found so many new exciting toys and games ready to make their grand entrance into the market for 2010. Here were some of my personal favorites: […]

  • Time to Play: The Old Fashioned Way

    By Holly Zegalia

    I know many people will say I'm too young to know an "old fashioned" way to play. But there is a difference in the way our children play and the way I played as a child. For our family, we are getting back to basics. The toys are wonderful, and the more modern ones the better. […]

  • My Mom is a Toy Maker

    By Mary Kay Russell

    Great ideas come to us at the most random times, don't they? About six years ago, a friend of mine and I decided to put together a fun little book club for our 10-year-old kids' class of fourth graders. We picked out some great books that the kids would love, came up with cool games and activities that would excite and delight, and ran it all with parent volunteers at the school. Sounds pretty innocent, right? Yep, that's what I thought until one of the games I came up with - a game I called Kubit2me - turned into my obsession. […]

  • Time to Play: Family Fitness Through Play

    By Tiffany Bowen

    It's January, and that means many moms and dads are working on their New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. Why not make it a family effort? It's never too early to introduce a healthy lifestyle to children. Use meal planning as a springboard to discuss healthy food options. Let them choose new fruits and vegetables to sample. When you instill an appreciation for healthy eating in your child it will stay with them as they grow. In our overweight and unhealthy society it's very important to plant the seeds of healthy eating from that first spoonful! […]

  • Time to Play: Financially Fit In 2010

    By Dana Adams

    Perhaps you're among the twenty percent of consumers carrying holiday credit card debt right now. Or maybe you just overextended your budget a bit in the midst of gift-buying and travel, putting your family in lean financial times this month. […]

  • Time to Play: Turn Off the TV!

    By Allison McDonald

    I am going to start this post with full disclosure, my child watches TV. I know how easy it is to turn it on, but it's so much harder to turn it off! Young children learn through play and although they may be yelling at Dora or dancing with the Wiggles, watching TV isn't play. When they play they imagine, they set rules and boundaries, they practice social skills and so much more. […]

  • Time To Play: How to Have a Green Holiday

    By Taraneh Guidry

    The holidays are upon us, and many of you may be wondering how you can make a difference this year. One of the biggest topics in 2009 was to "be green". But what does that really mean? Here are a few tips to help you understand why and how you can have a "green" holiday season: […]

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