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The TTPM Guest Blogger Program highlights a variety of online voices to share personal stories, offer family-friendly tips, and connect with TTPM readers. If you are interested in more information on how to become a guest blogger for TTPM, please contact Christie Damato:

  • Time to Play: Birthday Party Planning Inspired by Pinterest

    By Dr. Cecelia Mecca

    Pinterest and kids' birthday party ideas go as well together as chocolate and peanut butter. I use this analogy since a good portion of my Pinterest includes recipes with these ingredients. If you're new to Pinterest and can afford another online addiction, sign up and immediately create "boards" or categories such as "Makes Me Smile," "Disney Noteworthy," or "My Virtual Closet" to name some of my own. Since boards consist of pictures - it's a visual playground of ideas on everything from what to make for dinner to activity ideas for your kids on a rainy day. […]

  • Time to Play: Quiet Activities for Sick Days

    By Roo Ciambriello

    It's a common story during the winter months. One or more or all of the kiddies are sick, and movie after movie is making even the most enthusiastic TV lover restless. […]

  • Time to Play: Kid Powered

    By Robyn Wright

    This is one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. That's me on the right riding my Inchworm which I adored. My brother is on the left in another ride-on toy. I remember having so many toys like this as a child. They were kid powered, no batteries or other sources of energy, except maybe a little gravity going down hills. […]

  • Time to Play: 5 Springtime Toys for 5-10 Year Olds

    By Allie Van

    Being a mom to three boys, ages 7, 8, and 9, can be rough and exhausting at times and the best way I've found to give myself a break from all their stored up winter energy is to find them a way to use it all up through fun, interactive toys and games! Here's my list of 5 springtime toys perfect for 5-10 year olds: […]

  • Time to Play: 3 Easy, Fun Travel Games

    By Jeanine Edwards

    Ever walk out the door with your toddler only to realize when it's too late that you forgot some travel toys? You could turn back, but then you'd be late. And nothing is worse than being the last mommy to show up to karate class. […]

  • Time to Play: Give the Gift of Family Time this Valentine’s Day

    By Ellen Peppercorn

    Valentine's Day is famous for its gifts of candy and flowers and while both are great (who doesn't love a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?), neither one lasts. This Valentine's Day, try giving your family a gift that lasts more than just a day - the gift of quality family time. Some of my favorite family memories growing up revolve around games played together. […]

  • Time to Play: 3 Ways to Make Homework Fun

    By Susan Carraretto

    I remember when I was in first grade and I'd ask my teacher for homework. It sounded so "grown-up" to have "homework". […]

  • Time to Play: Get Prepared for Winter

    By Rachel Ferrucci

    We've been lucky in New England with not having any snow yet but we know it will come. At the end of October I get prepared for winter so it doesn't catch me by surprise but it's never too late. When you're not prepared, it can make snow days very long and stressful. Scrambling for snow gear while impatient children follow your every move is not fun. […]

  • Time to Play: 10 Ways to Reinforce Preschool Learning

    By Amanda Henson

    In an age when public and private preschools are nearly impossible to enroll in, it can be frustrating and down-right difficult to think of new and fun ways to reinforce learning and introduce important skills at home. Preschoolers are hungry to learn though and nearly everything in your home can be used to reinforce important life and learning skills. Everything from paper plates to the set of dice your husband uses to play poker with can be used to expand your child's knowledge and learning base. Take a look at some of the household items you can use right now to build a solid foundation for your child's future learning. […]

  • Time to Play: 5 Things to Do When You Don't Know What To Do

    By Chris Lewis

    As a parent there are so many times where you get stymied by the day to day issues that you have to do that it becomes hard at times to take time out of that schedule to be able to simply be present in the lives of our children. With that in mind I wanted to share five ideas that all of you can use in providing yourself a way to be able to find time and to be present with your kids (with no or little cost). […]

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