Nerf Rebelle Scavenger Hunt

Think fast and play hard for your chance to hunt down some awesome new Nerf Rebelle blasters and bows. First one to find the prize gets to keep it!

How To Hunt:

  1. Sign in with your account. Don’t have one? Create one in seconds for free. If you’re not signed in, you won’t see the hidden symbols.
  2. Every day this week (Sept. 30-Oct. 6), come to and scour the site for the Nerf Rebelle symbol.

    You need to sign in to your account in order to see the symbol you’re looking for.

    Please sign in to your Account

  3. Once you find it, be the first to click it! The symbol will disappear and you will automatically win.
  4. Two symbols will be hidden on every day: one at 1:00pm ET and one at 7:00pm ET (except for Wednesday, when the first symbol will be posted at 2:00pm ET so that you can play #TimeToPlayLive at 1:00pm ET). The list of prizes and their availability time and date is below. Limit one prize per household.
  5. Every time a new symbol is hidden on the site, a hint will be posted on our Facebook page. Like us to get these important clues!
  6. Check this page to see what toys have been found and what’s still hidden. The icons can be hidden anywhere on any page on The clues on Facebook might help you, but you’re going to need speed, smarts, and luck to win.
  7. Today’s Prizes:

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