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  • Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show

    Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show

    Spoiler Alert! Hannah Montana is actually Miley Stewart! There, I said it. The cat is out of the bag. If you have tween-age girls in your household you probably already knew that Hannah and Miley (both played by Miley Cyrus) were the same person. Something that you might not know is that Hannah Montana is making her PSP debut this month in the game, Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show.

  • Madden 10

    Madden 10

    The original John Madden Football video game was published 21 years ago and has undergone many improvements since then including licensed NFL teams, real athletes, realistic graphics and game announcers. This month, EA publishes Madden NFL 10, which brings your couch closer to the 50-yard line than ever before. Madden NFL 10 scales back on some of the unnecessary bells and whistles of past versions and instead focuses on creating the most realistic football video game to date. The game still features cutting-edge technology, namely Pro-Tak (more on that in a second), but utilizes the tech to deliver an incredibly…

  • Wii Sports Resort

    Wii Sports Resort

    Did you know that Wii Sports is the most successful selling video game of all time? It’s true. By the beginning of 2009, Wii Sports, which comes with the Nintendo Wii, had sold well over 40 million units and passed sales of Super Mario Bros, which formerly held this coveted sales title.

  • The Munchables

    The Munchables

    The company that introduced the world to Pac-Man has a new game for us to sink our teeth into, called The Munchables. This game is wacky Japanese fun at it’s best and follows the story of Don Onion—a walking, talking, evil onion—who leads a band of space pirates on an invasion of a peaceful planet populated by a group of small creatures with voracious appetites know as the Munchables

  • G-Force


    This month, G-Force, the 3D, animated/live-action film from Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films arrives in theatres. The movie follows the adventures of an elite group of secret agents, equipped with high-tech gadgets and specialized talents, on an adventure to save the world. Oh… did I mention that the agents are guinea pigs?

  • LEGO Battles

    LEGO Battles

    LEGO Battles should come with a Surgeon General’s warning because this game is highly addictive. In fact, my summer reading list has been suffering ever since it came into my life. The game takes LEGO’s three most popular building themes—Pirates, Space and Castles—and turns them into an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, where the player has to build structures, armies and vehicles then engage in numerous battles through a series of stories and Acts (levels)

  • Wii Punch Out!!

    Wii Punch Out!!

    When the 1980’s began, video games were predominantly played in establishments outside of your home where over-sized cabinets housed the games and quarters were inserted into slots to play. These barbaric sounding spaces were called arcades and they are where Punch-Out!!, the video boxing game, made it’s 1984 debut. A sequel, Super Punch-Out!!, arrived in the arcades in 1985 but as the decade approached its end, more and more people were playing games at home. The game makers responded to this shift by creating home versions of their arcade games and in 1987, the first home version of Punch-Out!! was…

  • Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs

    Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs

    My generation is the first to grow up with video games in our homes and we are now having kids of our own who are playing video games at much younger ages—you should see my four-year old nephew with the Wii. So I’m always interested in games that adults can play with kids and both age groups will actually have fun playing together. Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs is the perfect example of such a game

  • Nintendo DSi

    Nintendo DSi

    20 years ago this month, Nintendo introduced the world to Game Boy, the company’s first handheld gaming system. That first chunky, black and white, Game Boy would go on to receive a lot of upgrades over the years—color screen, improved graphics, longer battery life, smaller and lighter size, and better sound—as new models were introduced until it was replaced by the DS in 2004. This month, the latest version of the DS, the DSi, arrived in stores and while it’s appearance hasn’t changed much on the outside from the more recent DS Lite, the upgrades under the hood make this one of the…

  • Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Don’t let the title of this review confuse you, today I’m reviewing Hannah Montana The Movie: The Video Game. You have probably already figured out that this is the video game based on the Hannah Montana movie (in theaters April 10, 2009). The game puts players in the shoes (more on the shoes later) of Miley Stewart and her pop-star, alter ego, Hannah Montana, as they explore familiar scenes and experiences from the movie