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  • Kre-O Transformers

    Kre-O Transformers

    Transformers Dark of the Moon has redeemed the franchise in our house. We were HUGE fans of the first Transformers movie, but the second movie was geared so much for adults that it was hard to enjoy with the kids whose toys they were intended for. Thankfully, aside from some colorful words, the over the top adult themes weren’t so over the top in the third installment. We all enjoyed the movie and will enjoy the toys depicting the various alien robots even more.

  • Shadow Hawk 100 by Max Force

    Shadow Hawk 100 by Max Force

    What boys don’t love toy guns? I had a policy long ago that there were to be no guns in the house. Not even squirt guns. I can tell you that 3 boys and 12 years later, that rule is non-existent. It’s just in their blood to want to shoot things. I want to make that experience as safe as can be, so enter the Shadow Hawk 100 by Max Force Toys.

  • RC Parrot

    RC Parrot

    I was also lucky to have won the RC Parrot. My 13 year old son loves RC toys so he was super thrilled to go outside and try this out! The box itself was rather flimsy and a little crushed but the parrot was fine! Right out of the box, the parrot needed no assembly but did need 4 AA batteries, not included. It then needed a 20 minute charge on a well-designed charger on the remote itself, then it was ready to fly. Included is a very helpful manual, which is a definite must-read if you want to know how to use the bird.

  • Alex Toys Ready, Set, Stilts

    Alex Toys Ready, Set, Stilts

    A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of Alex Toys Ready, Set, Stilts. With the warm summer weather, my kids were super excited to head outside and try them out! Right out of the package, there were just a few parts and easy instructions. A couple of minutes later my youngest was happily trying them out! She’s 4 years old and it was her first time trying out any type of stilts. These stilts come with two different bases, one is wider and assists the beginner - my daughter called them training wheels for stilts! She used these and in just a few minutes could do it all alone. It looked so fun that my son,…

  • LEGO Architecture - Empire State Building

    LEGO Architecture - Empire State Building

    Thomas loves LEGOs. He’s been addicted since he was 4 years old and got his very first set: a box of random bricks with a booklet of different things he could build. He would build tower after tower and get so upset once his brother came along and knocked them down. When he was 6 years old he graduated to the Star Wars LEGO sets. It was love at first build.

  • Kaos Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher

    Kaos Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher

    It’s summer and as the temperatures rise, so does the “I’m bored” chants from my boys. Enter in the Kaos Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher. This hand device lets the kids pelt the neighbors with water balloons. We gave one to the neighbor boy and one to our kids and let the wars begin. They have a blast filling these balloons and making up tales of war and enemy tactics as they bust their boredom.

  • Miracle-Gro Kids Greenhouse

    Miracle-Gro Kids Greenhouse

    Did you know, that if a kid grows his own vegetables, he’s 98% likely to eat that vegetable, or at least try it? Miracle-Gro has honed in on this and created a great vegetable greenhouse for kids. They also have flower varieties, but my boys were much more keen on the veggies.

  • Cars 2 Operation

    Cars 2 Operation

    We all love the classic game of Operation. It’s been upgraded this year to show off Mater and his “parts:” a busted grill, leaky oil, bad gas and more. Kids can fix Mater up and earn play money while doing so.

  • Cars 2 Sorry Sliders

    Cars 2 Sorry Sliders

    If you are looking for a BLAST with your family, look no further than the Cars 2 Sorry Sliders. As soon as I opened it up, the kids literally dove into the box and couldn’t wait to get it set up. We are already fans of the original Sorry and the newer Sorry Sliders and the Cars 2 version takes it one step further! You can “race” your cars!

  • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

    Several weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of three sets of Pirates of the Caribbean LEGOs. I received The Mill, The Captain’s Cabin, and The Fountain of Youth. I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow fan, so I was excited to tear into the boxes and get started!