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  • Hot Wheels Haul and Race

    Hot Wheels Haul and Race

    My boys love cars, especially Hot Wheels. We received the Hot Wheels Haul and Race and they instantly got excited. This is no ordinary Hot Wheels toy, it’s a large semi with a ramp, storage area and even a button to let the cars fly.

  • Hot Wheels Revolution Stunt Park

    Hot Wheels Revolution Stunt Park

    I received a Hot Wheels Rev Ups Revolution Stunt Park from Time to Play with Jim and Chris. Upon arrival, I was just as excited as my twin 4 year old son’s to open the box and start playing! Assembling the Revolution Stunt Park was pretty easy. It took me about 10 minutes to set-up, and that was with trying to find all of the parts as my boys were playing with them!

  • MEGA Bloks Blok Squad

    MEGA Bloks Blok Squad

    We saved this to give to my daughter for her 9th birthday. She is quite the Tom-Girl type and loves everything that looks or works like Legos. This is our first experience with the Blok Squad items and she was THRILLED when she opened the package.

  • Sneaky Squirrel Game

    Sneaky Squirrel Game

    I was a little skeptical at first when I received this game cause we all know there are not many games out there that a 2 and 4 year old can play.

  • Hex Bug Nano Hive Habitat

    Hex Bug Nano Hive Habitat

    Hex Bugs, I have a love/hate relationship with this things. Mostly love, just hate when the boys forget to turn them off and we go through so many batteries! I received the Hex Bug Nano Hive Habitat and was delighted to see that it came with a Hex Bug Nano included. Good thing it did because we were down to only one or two Nanos left that had working batteries and I was fresh out of replacements.

  • Matchbox - Spongebob Tub Adventure

    Matchbox - Spongebob Tub Adventure

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea... Sing it with me! After being on Nickelodeon for the past 12 years I’m sure you know the words to it. My boys know every word to every episode of Spongebob. I have to admit, so do I. We are a family of Spongebob fanatics and were excited to review the MatchBox Spongebob Tub Adventure.

  • Crazy Cotton Candy Machine

    Crazy Cotton Candy Machine

    My family loves August. In our house, it means time for the county fair. They love the fair, because food choices are fair game. We love cotton candy and to have a machine at home is awesome. It uses regular table sugar. My kids were disappointed that the box didn’t come with the colored sugar, which they sell separately.

  • Kerfuffle


    My daughter and I have played Kerfuffle. It should be obvious when I tell you Dad is up 2 games to 1 that it was a hit. Kerfuffle is complicated enough that the 8+ age recommendation is appropriate, but simple enough that we were playing within 3 minutes of opening the box. It’s basically Scrabble with dice.

  • Faux-Cabulary


    First I should say for the purposes of disclosure that it doesn’t seem right calling this a Real Parents, Real Review. No children were harmed, or present for that matter, in the process of reviewing this game.

  • Spy Net Bionic Ear

    Spy Net Bionic Ear

    What little boy doesn’t like to be a spy?! My boys are obsessed and have everything from secret message decoders to night vision goggles. We received the Spy Net Bionic Ear and my 6 year-old went straight to “work” spying on anyone and everyone.