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  • Link-O


    I love the game sequence; it has to be one of my favorite boards games. But it is not a game that I am able to play with the younger kids in the household, and I have always been looking for a game with the same idea but something they would understand. Link-O is a board game made by the same creator of sequence, but for children and not adults. Now don’t let that make you think as adults you can not enjoy this game, because that is not true.

  • Crayola Barbie Story Studio

    Crayola Barbie Story Studio

    What we have here is the Crayola Barbie Story Studio and the happy recipient is my niece, Serenity. She is 6. Which is the perfect age for this product because the age range is from 6 to 15 years old! The Crayola Barbie Story Studio was so much fun because you’re provided with an On-line Story code inside that allows kids to easily morph a photo of themselves into a character, then create adventures. Kids print, color and bind story pages to create real storybooks.

  • Feed the Woozle

    Feed the Woozle

    Feed the Woozle is a cooperative children’s game that consists of completing a common task and being silly while doing it. The game “grows with the players” in that there are 3 different levels you can play the game at. Each level gets progressively more challenging for the players which is why the recommended age range also changes. In general, the point of the game is to “Feed the Woozle”. Children roll a dice ranged 1—3 and then pick up as many corresponding pieces to place on their spoon to feed the woozle (placed 8—10 ft away on the edge of a table). In the 1st level,…

  • Seeds for the Birds Game

    Seeds for the Birds Game

    Seeds for the Birds is a cooperative children’s game where players try to feed a Mama Bird and her three babies more seeds than the neighboring squirrel. The board is set up as a grid and you randomly lay the square cards around the perimeter. On each player’s turn you choose one square to flip over and then according to the symbol on the square, do the task it requires you to do. A card with seeds on it means you place seeds on the board in the column, row, or diagonally from where you picked up your card, choosing to place the seeds on separate squares, or all on the same square. If you choose a…

  • Monster High Monster Maker Machine

    Monster High Monster Maker Machine

    I was so excited that I had won the chance to review The Monster High Monster Maker Machine. It is a cute little kit that comes with materials to make 3 dolls. My 9 and 10 year old nieces are huge Monster High fans and I was looking forward to making monsters with them. Well, I have to admit my excitement quickly became a test of patience.

  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

    Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

    With three boys in the house, we have a lot of toy cars. Carter even tries to sneak them onto our grocery list when he thinks I can’t see him. One thing I didn’t like about a lot of the race tracks is how much space they take up on the floor. Setting them up and taking them down all the time was too much effort for my lazy boys, so often times it just stayed in the toy box. Now Hot Wheels has solved that problem with Wall Tracks.

  • Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop

    Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop

    My daughter is a computer-a-holic. She has an array of “toy” laptops. She loves working along side her daddy and mimic him on his laptop. We were super excited to review the Vtech brilliant creations beginner laptop.

  • Morphology


    This is a board game similar to others but with a unique twist - a roll of the dice determines how you will proceed. We tested it out during a slumber party with my older niece and her friends, and it was a riot.

  • HandRunner


    Let me start this review by saying this is probably the coolest, yet most unnecessary toy I’ve ever seen. Carter, my seven year-old, is obsessed with zombies. He can play plants vs. zombies on the computer for hours. He even wanted to ask Santa for a chain saw so he could help in a zombie apocalypse. Yeah, he’s got issues. Anyway, when we got the HandRunner, He was in hog heaven! His very own severed zombie hand. What more could a kid ask for?!

  • Baseball Headz Boardgame

    Baseball Headz Boardgame

    I broke out this game when my 9 year old had three friends over. They had a blast with it. The game is a lot of fun and kept them busy for a few hours.