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  • Miracle-Gro Root Viewer

    Miracle-Gro Root Viewer

    I was sent the Miracle-Grow Root Viewer to review. It is listed for ages 5 and up, but my four year old was able to help. The object of the viewer is to be able to see your plant growing not only from the top but be able to see the root system as well. This is a novel idea, as we have never been able to see the root system before. It comes with dirt, seeds and the actual viewer.

  • Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare

    Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare

    Today from I was sent the Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare. The Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare needed assembly, of course, but it was so easy to set-up. After easy-to-follow instructions we were up and playing within 5 minutes. The positive thing I can say is that it is more interactive than the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, in my opinion.

  • Outdoor Colored Bubbles

    Outdoor Colored Bubbles

    I received Outdoor Colored Bubbles made by Crayola they are colored bubbles that come in 3 different colors: Purple Pizzazz, Unmellow Yellow, and Fuchsia. My daughters and I were so excited to try these bubbles out. The colors we received were Purple Pizzazz and Fuchsia.

  • Little Tikes Tike Stix Doghouse & Pet Building Set

    Little Tikes Tike Stix Doghouse & Pet Building Set

    The Tike Stix Doghouse & Pet Building Set from Little Tikes is a large construction kit with 30 pieces: 7 connector bars, 9 multi connectors, 6 small beams, 3 base connectors and 5 tarp/fabric clips. The kit comes in a sturdy box which makes it very convenient & easy to store. The directions include FIVE assembly options: doghouse, dog, helicopter, scorpion and little clubhouse or tent. Additional assembly options suggested are lemonade stand, house, soccer goal and a work bench. However, creation options are limited only by your child’s imagination as this set promotes open-ended creative play.

  • Air Hogs Adventures Fire Rescue

    Air Hogs Adventures Fire Rescue

    Does your child love action play toys? Do they enjoy firetrucks and fire rescue? Here is the toy we got to review from Time to Play.

  • The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit

    The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit

    Thank you again for The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit. We used it for the first time this afternoon. My kids were delighted as I opened the box. They waiting excitedly in their aprons and cooking hats. The kit included a double boiler for melting chocolate, a ladle for pouring, 3 chocolate molds (bunnies, stars, and hearts), and collectable chocolate recipes. The kit did not include chocolate but does not say that on the box anywhere. I figured that it wouldn’t, so we purchased our chocolates at Michael’s craft store.

  • Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Play Set

    Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Play Set

    It’s hard getting my boys to take baths. I don’t know what it is about little boys and soap and water, but it’s a chore just getting them IN to the tub, let alone to actually stay in there long enough to get clean.

  • Glow Fusion Bubble Solution

    Glow Fusion Bubble Solution

    I received the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution from Time to Play the week of Christmas. What a perfect stocking stuffer for my 9 year old daughter! These awesome bubbles come in a black box with bright orange writing which makes them look awesome from the beginning (in our opinion). Right after Christmas, my daughter got very ill and we are still trying to figure out the cause of her illness so it has been hospitals and doctors, and poking and prodding. She has been feeling a little better and was home this past weekend so we got the bubbles out!

  • Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland

    Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland

    When I found out I got to review this product, I was really excited. I’m always looking for new, fun toys that my two sons (ages 5 and 10 months) can play together. This Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland is perfect!! The toy retails for approximately $35.

  • Splat Art

    Splat Art

    “Splat Art: Blops and Dribbles in Need of Your Scribbles”, is a fun book with over 200 pages of different color images of everyday items in your child’s life. From a block of cheese, flowers, to even handprint’s, Splat Art has it all. Splat Art truly gets your child’s imagination running wild with the fun ideas inside the book. How about turning an old piece of string into a owl, or some finger prints into flowers?