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  • TinkerBell Little Learner Laptop

    TinkerBell Little Learner Laptop

    My 4-year-old daughter was ecstatic to see a new toy to play with. Being a BIG TinkerBell fan, she couldn’t wait to get started! The TinkerBell Little Learner Laptop arrived just in time for the start of kindergarten. What a perfect learning tool to get her excited for the upcoming educational journey known as kindergarten.

  • Minotaurus - LEGO Board Game

    Minotaurus - LEGO Board Game

    LEGO created an awesome board game with this one, folks. While I have younger kids, I observed my nephews playing this one (they are 10 and 13). They enjoyed this game. You can play with two to four players. What you do is build a labyrinth out of LEGO pieces and you bring your game figures to the temple in the center of the board game. You even build the dice! But, there’s a minotaur that other players can use to knock your men out of the board game. You can follow the enclosed book to learn ways to build your game, or you can make up your own design. When I first found out about this game, I looked up what…

  • Eyewitness Kit,

    Eyewitness Kit, "Butterfly"

    On the Time to Play Mom TV web show, Jim and Chris were saying that they didn’t think boys would be into the Butterfly Eyewitness Kit. Granted, my kids are younger (4 and 2) but my 4-year-old son truly enjoyed making butterflies with me.

  • Brainogami's Super Origami

    Brainogami's Super Origami

    Time to Play has done it again, trusted me to do another review for them. This time it was for Brainogami’s Super Origami. We got sets three and four, Animals and Containers. My kids were excited to dive in. We chose to make the animals first. There was an instruction booklet and 72 pieces of paper with colorful designs. There were guide lines on the papers to help figure out where to make each fold. This helped tremendously. I’ve never been good at origami, so this helped me translate what was in the picture instructions to the paper. Even better, they have animated instructions on their website! Even…

  • Perplexus


    I was given the opportunity to review the Perplexus Game Maze. Perplexus is made by PlaSmart Inc. and is available at mass market retailers and at We have been playing with Perplexus for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say that it is a very entertaining toy but a bit frustrating at the same time.

  • MobiGo Touch Learning System

    MobiGo Touch Learning System

    My 2-year-old girl and my 6-year-old boy both enjoyed reviewing the MobiGo Touch Learning System this week.

  • Nerf Sport Nerfoop Basketball Slam

    Nerf Sport Nerfoop Basketball Slam

    As part of the Real Parents, Real Reviews for, I received a Nerf Sport Nerfoop Basketball Slam to review. Ages say 8+ but even the 2 yr old loves this!

  • Fisher-Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball

    Fisher-Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball

    I was really excited to be reviewing the Fisher-Price ESPN Better Batter Baseball. My 4-year-old son plays t-ball and we thought this would be a great toy for him to play with.

  • Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop

    Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop

    It seems like everyone has a computer these days and kids are no different. This is Barbie’s newest B-Smart Learning Laptop which features 80 new and exciting learning activities (70 English, 10 Spanish). Games are all designed especially for the 1st through 3rd grade level to reinforce math, spelling, logic and sequencing in fun and enjoyable ways, with Barbie as your host! There is a ton of audio interaction wiith Barbie herself. The laptop comes with a universal MP3 adapter for listening to your own music, and perfect size QWERTY keyboard. The large and easy to read LCD screen is back-lit for low light…

  • Ryan Oakes Magic Show, The Magic Lunch Box

    Ryan Oakes Magic Show, The Magic Lunch Box

    Thanks to and a little luck, I was able to win a chance to review the Ryan Oakes Magic Show™, The Magic Lunch Box™ with my son, Tbone. He’s 11 and loves everything magic! He’s always trying to stump us with his tricks. Needless to say, he was really excited when we got the box in the mail!