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  • Crayola Colored Bubbles

    Crayola Colored Bubbles

    Crayola Colored Bubbles: They say WASHABLE on the front, feature a great, easy-to-hold bottle, a wand that even little hands can hold and provide tons of colored bubbles. But, that’s kind of where the fun ends for us.

  • Chuggington Train Yard with Loop

    Chuggington Train Yard with Loop

    Chuggington is very popular in our house! My youngest son just learned to sign “train” and he is always pointing to the TV and singing “train.” That means I have to find Chuggington in our DVR before he starts hysterics! Wilson seems to be his favorite train right now, but we all love KoKo!

  • Barbie Fabulous Fashion Projector

    Barbie Fabulous Fashion Projector

    This was a dream come true for my 5-year-old daughter when it arrived. She loves to color and draw so naturally she was excited to try out the Barbie Fabulous Fashion Projector right away.

  • Stikits


    I love crafts that can include the whole family and do not involve a lot of mess. There are times for those messy crafts, but isn’t it nice when your kids can get creative and keep the kitchen table semi-clean? Here’s a fun craft set called Stikits that you just wet, stick and create. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

  • Mythbusters Hit the Target Trivia Game

    Mythbusters Hit the Target Trivia Game

    Ever wonder what boys do when they are hanging out with Dad while you go shop, run errands, or get a much needed mani/pedi? If you live in my house, they are glued to the TV watching countless hours of Mythbusters. The Discovery Channel is a favorite amongst everyone in our house. My boys probably know more about Adam and Jamie than they do about their own cousins or extended family. They love those guys!

  • My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle

    My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle

    What little girl doesn’t love playsets? When the My Little Pony Mermaid Pony Castle playset arrived in the mail both my daughters were filled with excitement!

  • Geoworld's Dino Excavation Kit

    Geoworld's Dino Excavation Kit

    Time To Play really knows my kids. We are mega dinosaur fanatics in this house! When Carter opened the Dino Excavation Kit by Geoworld, his eyes came alive! We laid out the tools and some paper towels and got to work!

  • Alex Cap it Off Jewelry Kit

    Alex Cap it Off Jewelry Kit

    If there is a fashionista in the making in your household and they are crafty too, then they will love the Alex Cap It Off Jewelry kit. The kit is recommended for ages 8 and up but due to such small, intricate parts I would suggest 10 years old with parent supervision.

  • My Friendship Bracelet Maker

    My Friendship Bracelet Maker

    I remember a time as a tween when you just weren’t cool unless you had friendship bracelets. You not only had to be wearing them, but pretty much at all times had to have the makings of one safety pinned on the leg of your jeans so that you could work on it at any free moment. The creative people over at Crorey Creations have come up with the perfect solution for all of the tweens out there that are just like I was. My Friendship Bracelet Maker is an innovative way to not only have a designated place to make friendship bracelets (no more little holes in my jeans!) but it also provides a convenient holder to…

  • Hyper Dash Extreme

    Hyper Dash Extreme

    Hyper Dash Extreme sounded fun, exciting, fast-paced and like it would be a great source of exercise. That is why, when I received it from I couldn’t wait to get it out of the package. My girls can always use a game or activity to get them moving, so I thought this would be perfect. After using it for about a month, here’s what we think: