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  • MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad

    MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad

    When we opened the MEGA BLOKS Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station box, my boys and I gasped - for different reasons. They, because they found 956 pieces in it to build into a fantastic, dynamic, amazing fire station. Me, because they found 956 pieces that will surely get lost, fought over and vacuumed.

  • Math-A-Magician Activity Set

    Math-A-Magician Activity Set

    Upon opening the Math-A-Magician Activity set, I discovered a spinner board, a big magic hat and two bags of plastic rabbits. One bag was smaller rabbits, while the other was larger rabbits. Both bags each contained six rabbits that were orange, green, and purple for a total of 36 rabbits (18 small and 18 large, 12 orange, 12 green, 12 purple). The first thing I noticed was that the small rabbits seemed a bit too small for a 4-year-old and could definitely pose a choking hazard, while the larger rabbits were the perfect size. While looking at the colors and also the corresponding colors on the spinner, I noticed that…

  • Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door

    Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door

    The second novel in Lisi Harrison’s Monster High series, Monster High: the Ghoul Next Door, picks up where the first book leaves off, focusing largely on the character Cleo de Nile. My hopes were high after the first few pages; I found the fast-paced Egyptian references and jokes in the opening paragraphs quite entertaining, and I was happy to find more of the “girl talk” banter and teasing among the monster gang that was featured in the first novel.

  • Pharaoh's Quest Lego Set

    Pharaoh's Quest Lego Set

    Ever since I can remember, we’ve had Legos in our family and for the record, they are possibly the worst toy to step on with a bare foot. It’s sort of worth it when you see the creativity, imagination and attention your kids show when building with their Legos. My son Cody is 16 and my son Nick is 12 and they both enjoy spending time, sometimes lots of time, building and creating. I think it’s a challenge as they get older to find something that isn’t an electronic device that will get them excited about play and keep them engaged for a decent amount of time. The day the Pharaoh’s Quest…

  • Whiplash Scooter

    Whiplash Scooter

    Whiplash is an awesome scooter with a twist. The Whiplash has a bit of a “wave” experience, meaning it whips from side to side. The Whiplash looks almost like a scooter, but would be awkward and difficult if used like a scooter. Instead of placing your feet forward as you would with a scooter, it’s much easier to put both feet at an angle and move your weight back and fourth.

  • Wobbles


    Our family loves board games! We have a closet stacked from floor to ceiling full of all types of games. When I received the game Wobbles, our family couldn’t wait to try it out. The age range for Wobbles is from 6-99, which is perfect since our youngest is 6 and well, no one is quite 99 yet! You can play with 1-4 players. My three girls wanted to play with me. They are 6, 12 and 15. (We will withhold my age!) According to the directions, the duration of the game should last 30 minutes.

  • Crayola Bubbles

    Crayola Bubbles

    Our bubble playtime got delayed for a week or two by family events and then bad weather, but today since some of the kids were on spring break and the sun was out in full force we hit the front yard (or at least the carport) at my grandmother’s house to test these suckers out.

  • Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles

    Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles

    I won and was sent 5 bottles of the new Washable Crayola Colored Bubbles to review from Each color comes in its own spill resistant bottle. I got one of each color pink, purple, blue, orange and green. We won these bubbles almost 3 weeks ago but it has been freezing or pouring since the day they arrived. Finally today was beautiful and my two youngest kids could not wait to try them out!!

  • Stikits


    When I get a package, the first thing my son J says is “is that for ME?!” Not usually the case, but this time it was! He just couldn’t wait to open the Stikits and start creating. After dinner, we cleaned off the table and opened the box. The sponge (used for sticking the pieces together) was buried way down in the bottom, so before we found it, I got a little bowl and put water in it. For us, the bowl of water worked better than the sponge.

  • Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles

    Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles

    We received five bottles of Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles to review for Time to Play. First I decided to open the green one in the kitchen and it looked like I was opening a bottle of ink. I blew a quick bubble (the solution forms good bubbles) but the green bubble splatter was everywhere. Instantly, there was green on my hands and on my clothes. When I cleaned my floor (immediately) all of the color came right off. I cleaned my hands with soap a few minutes later and the color came right off.