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  • LEGO City High Speed Chase

    LEGO City High Speed Chase

    Oh, LEGOs! How I love thee! I sat down with my oldest son after dinner and let him put together the first of three build included in the LEGO City High Speed Chase. He could follow the instructions without much help from me, though he was quite meticulous in making sure they were the correct pieces for each step. The first build was the police motorcycle, and the simplest of the three. After building it, he played with it all evening!

  • Twister Rave Skip It

    Twister Rave Skip It

    Twister Rave Skip It game by Hasbro. It is a skipping game that features flashing lights that strobe through multiple colors as you advance levels.

  • Cars Stunt Racers Dinoco Stunt Show Stunt Set

    Cars Stunt Racers Dinoco Stunt Show Stunt Set

    This stunt set is easy to assemble and took me about 15 minutes to completely set up with decals and all. Once assembled you can put the Gray launching crank on any of the 3 tracks.

  • Nerf Weather Blitz Football

    Nerf Weather Blitz Football

    The moment I got this football in the mail I hoped for snow so that the kids could try it out in the snow because the football is made for all types of weather.

  • The Original DoodleArt Fairy Tales Poster

    The Original DoodleArt Fairy Tales Poster

    The Original DoodleArt Fairy Tales poster was a very good family project and my kids ages 5 and up loved it.

  • Jumparoo Air Pogo Jumper

    Jumparoo Air Pogo Jumper

    My kids were thrilled when they found out we had been chosen to review the Jumparoo Air Pogo Jumper. All three (ages 4, 6, and 14) tried to claim it for their own, but I had to convince them it was something they could share. It didn’t take long before they were begging Dad to open it up and air up the ball for them. Dad was very happy to see that a sturdy air pump with a needle was included. Assembly was simple, but we did find quickly that the amount of air needed was different for each child since their weights were so different. Fortunately, adjusting was very easy also.

  • Snow Markers

    Snow Markers

    You can draw in the snow (it’s awesome!). They feature great colors which you can see in the snow. We received a blue and red marker to review and they were very visible.

  • UltraSonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    UltraSonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    The UltraSonic Cool Mist Humidifier, it is not a toy, but would be a wonderful addition to a child’s room. It is easy to use and put together (no tools are required). It is very easy to clean and should be cleaned weekly. The UltraSonic Cool Mist Humidifier is extremely quiet and starts to work right away. There is no waiting time. It is lightweight and the monkey character is quite attractive.

  • Electric Football Game

    Electric Football Game

    We played the Electric Football Game this weekend. The goal post kept falling down and the instructions on the timer were vague to say the least. We finally determined that the small disc with holes were for the bottom of the timer wheels and had to force to apply them because the holes were so small.

  • Piyo Piyo 7-Piece Baby Food Processor Set

    Piyo Piyo 7-Piece Baby Food Processor Set

    I recently received a Piyo Piyo brand 7-Piece Baby Food Processor Set to review for My initial impression was that the set was well packaged & nicely displayed in the box with a big plastic window to easily see all the pieces included. The cheery yellow packaging & ducky mascot added to its appeal. I really like making my own baby food & the cost of this set is affordable.