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  • Remembering the Titanic

    Book ReviewsRemembering the Titanic

    This new release is a brief history of the Titanic in honor of the 100th anniversary of its tragic sinking. Historic pictures, paintings and screen grabs from James Cameron’s film illustrate the story of the Titanic from its sailing on April 10, 1912, to its sinking five days later and the rescue of just over 700 survivors out of 2,227 passengers and crew. Also featured are the discovery of the Titantic’s wreckage in 1985 and the last survivor who passed away in 2009.

  • All Kinds of Kisses

    Book ReviewsAll Kinds of Kisses

    “Little ones love kisses” is the opening line of this new picture book which celebrates the kisses mommies bestow on their little ones. The setting is a barnyard and the subjects are animals such as calves, kids, piglets and so on. With each kiss given is the sound each animal makes — “baaa” kisses, “woof” kisses, etc. As the story concludes, readers are led inside the farmhouse where the best kisses of all happen. Of course, those kisses are a mommy’s good night kiss.

  • The Avengers

    Family Film ReviewsThe Avengers

    “I don’t get a suit of armor,” says Bruce Banner. “I’m exposed.” It’s a joke, sort of, when the nerdish scientist describes himself like this, because everyone knows that when he transforms into the Hulk, he basically is a walking suit of armor, unstoppable and not a little impressive. (He’s also survived a series of re-castings, from Eric Bana to Edward Norton and now to Ruffalo, since 2003.) But still, when Banner says it — near the beginning of The Avengers, surrounded by other superheroes aboard the super-tech-outfitted S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier — you…

  • Cinco de Mouse-O!

    Book ReviewsCinco de Mouse-O!

    Mouse wakes up on May 5th to the scent of “beany, cheesy, ricey” smells. He hunts for the aromas’ source and finds them at a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Mouse has a ball eating all the crumbs that people drop from authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos, tamales and chorizos, and sets his sights on a candy-filled piñata. Mouse’s fun ends when Cat begins chasing Mouse through the fiesta, past the lively dancers and mariachi band. Mouse finds refuge, at last, on top of the piñata, but as the children start to take swings at it, Cat patiently waits for Mouse to fall into his paws.…

  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits

    Family Film ReviewsThe Pirates! Band of Misfits

    “What’s the best bit about being a pirate?” The Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant) walks in on a lively debate among his crewmembers, and proceeds to instruct: it’s not the looting or the cutlasses, as much as these may be, and it’s not scurvy or even “scantily clad mermaids.” It is, declares the Pirate Captain, “Ham Night” — at which point he moonwalks a little and then offers up a big-fat-pink slab of meat and has at it with his sword, so the slices fly up in the air and land perfectly on everyone’s plates, as they all ooh and aah.

  • Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare

    Real ReviewsHot Wheels Double Dare Snare

    Today from I was sent the Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare. The Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare needed assembly, of course, but it was so easy to set-up. After easy-to-follow instructions we were up and playing within 5 minutes. The positive thing I can say is that it is more interactive than the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, in my opinion.

  • Outdoor Colored Bubbles

    Real ReviewsOutdoor Colored Bubbles

    I received Outdoor Colored Bubbles made by Crayola they are colored bubbles that come in 3 different colors: Purple Pizzazz, Unmellow Yellow, and Fuchsia. My daughters and I were so excited to try these bubbles out. The colors we received were Purple Pizzazz and Fuchsia.

  • A Boy Called Dickens

    Book ReviewsA Boy Called Dickens

    This fictionalized biography inspired by the life of Charles Dickens was published in honor of the 200th anniversary of this literary giant’s birth earlier this year. The setting is “old London” and like many of the characters of Dickens’ stories, young Charles was forced to work in deplorable factory conditions for very low wages to support his family, who has been imprisoned for failure to pay taxes. By day, Charles entertains his peers with fantastic stories. And at night, he escapes his dreary reality by writing until he can no longer keep his eyes open. Eventually, his family is released…

  • Chimpanzee

    Family Film ReviewsChimpanzee

    Oscar the chimp is adorable. When first you see him in Chimpanzee, he’s just three months old, tiny and clinging to his mother, Isha. Even as a baby, his face is remarkably animated, and thanks to the very precise long-lens cameras in Disneynature’s newest film, you can see most every change as he responds to every event before him in the rain forest where he lives, with 35 other chimps. And if you have any doubt about how to read his looks in a given moment — whether he’s feeling playful or frustrated or afraid — not to worry! Narrator Tim Allen describes the little guy’s every…

  • Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World

    Book ReviewsRachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World

    This book, which has been fittingly released in time for Earth Day, is about Rachel Carson, a pioneer of the global environmental movement. Rachel became fascinated with nature as a child in rural Pennsylvania and spent more of her time studying birds and trees than she did engaging in typical childhood activities. Later, Rachel took a college biology class, and it changed her life. She discovered a passion for animals and plants, and decided to dedicate her life to learning all she could about them. Rachel’s career led her to experience things few women had at the time, from diving deep in the ocean to…