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  • My Birthday Party Baby Ariel

    Real ReviewsMy Birthday Party Baby Ariel

    In our house, princesses rule. We love anything Disney Princess. This includes the Baby Ariel doll. My 4 year old protects this doll and will not share with anyone else. Her favorite part is the removable tiara. I like that Ariel is dressed for the party, and you can’t remove the dress. I also like that she requires no batteries. Ariel’s body is soft, and her arms, legs and head are hard. We have to remind our kids that Ariel does not go into the bathtub and that she needs to stay clean because she would not machine wash very well.

  • Matchbox Big Boots Dino Chopper

    Real ReviewsMatchbox Big Boots Dino Chopper

    The Matchbox Big Boots Dino Chopper is aimed mostly towards children aged 3 years and up as there are small parts included with the toy. Not only do you get a great-looking, dinosaur safari themed helicopter; but Matchbox also includes three Big Boots characters and assorted tools for them to use. It is highly recommended that parents thoroughly read the instructions in order to discover all the fun, but not obvious, functions of the chopper! Very minimal assembly is required.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

    Family Film ReviewsDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

    When you’re a wimpy kid, you want to be a less wimpy kid, or least appear to be a less wimpy kid. This is the premise of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and movies, all of which feature the narration of the titular kid, as he both observes and tries to control what goes on around him.

  • Take It Easel

    Real ReviewsTake It Easel

    The Take It Easel is by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Within five minutes of opening it, my two year old son already had the board full of doodles. I love how it pops up into the triangle that allows him to decide which he wants to color on. I think the fact that you can also put paper in it like a real easel is awesome.

  • Fruit Ninja’s Watermelon Clip, NASCAR Full Blast Pull Back Car, and the Rock N Learn DVD

    Real ReviewsFruit Ninja’s Watermelon Clip, NASCAR Full Blast Pull Back Car, and the Rock N Learn DVD

    I am a mother of four, an educator and a grandmother. So when I won several prizes from Time to Play’s “Real Parents’/Real Reviews” contest, I was delighted to be able to participate in reviewing these items.

  • Banzai Spray N Splash Giraffe Pool

    Real ReviewsBanzai Spray N Splash Giraffe Pool

    We received the Banzai Spray ‘N Splash Giraffe pool and were super excited to try it out! I have two kids, one 15 months and one 3 years. It looked perfect for the two of them. However, it is not big enough for any additional kids!

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    Family Film ReviewsThe Dark Knight Rises

    As The Dark Knight Rises begins, Batman (Christian Bale) hasn’t been seen for eight years. That is, not since the end of The Dark Knight, when he didn’t kill the insane District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). Still, most Gotham citizens believe the lie that Batman is the murderer, and for that, Police Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) feels terrible guilt over it. You know this because he almost tells the truth at the start of the new movie. But he doesn’t.

  • Blunders

    Real ReviewsBlunders

    Blunders: “We Make Learning Manners Fun!” Teaching your children about manners? At first I was skeptical about the fun value of this game, but my concerns were soon allayed. This game is intended for ages 5+. My husband and I played with our 4 year old with much success – with our assistance, of course. Joining us was an 8 year old neighbour who is a big fan of games as well. The general idea behind this game is to teach children about manners and social etiquette in a fun way.

  • Ice Age: Continental Drift

    Family Film ReviewsIce Age: Continental Drift

    Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) has never been especially quick, but near the start of Ice Age: Continental Drift, he comes up with a zinger. The occasion is a surprising visit from his parents, Eunice (Joy Behar) and Milton (Alan Tudyk), during which he tries to convince them that he’s led a worthy, adventurous life since they abandoned him. “We fought dinosaurs,” he announces, alluding to the previous Ice Age movie’s plot. “It didn’t really make sense, but it was fun.” And with that, his parents abandon him again.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    Family Film ReviewsThe Amazing Spider-Man

    You already know that Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is a high school student, that he’s bitten by a spider, and that he learns to use his wall-climbing, web-slinging superpowers to save his city from villains. The Amazing Spider-Man reminds you of all of that, plus the violent death of Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), shot by a random robber on the sidewalk, the stoic courage of Aunt May (Sally Field), and the life lesson Ben imparts to Peter, such that the fretful, fatherless boy must become a responsible, principled young man.