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  • Hotel Transylvania

    Family Film ReviewsHotel Transylvania

    Mavis (Selena Gomez) is a vampire. She wears black miniskirts and crawls on the walls, hangs upside down, and has cute little fangs that she doesn’t use to suck anyone’s blood (she drinks synthetic, as it’s safer). And she’s spent all her young life in the castle her father, Count Dracula (Adam Sandler) turned into a hotel for monsters back in 1895. Now that she’s turning 118 years old — a mere teenager in vampire years — she’s yearning to see the world outside and meet some people beyond her father’s circle of friends/hotel guests. It’s true, these friends…

  • La Dee Da Fashion City Girl Doll

    Real ReviewsLa Dee Da Fashion City Girl Doll

    The La Dee Da Fashion City Girl Doll has moveable legs and arms, so you can move her in any position that you want. Her outfit looks very nice and cool since it is based on New York City. Her hair is very pretty with both the brown and red coloring, also with pieces that sparkle in the light. Even her hair is fun to play with, since you can have it either up or down.

  • Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle

    Real ReviewsRubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle

    We received the Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle toy to review. Once I opened the package it caught my twins attention right away. My twins are 3 years old and the toy is perfect for that age. I unpacked the Rubik’s Sort & Solve Puzzle and put the top of the toy on and they were eager to begin to play with it. I gave them each some shape pieces so they could figure out where they belonged. They had fun taking turns and helping each other out looking for the correct color and spot. Once they were finished finding all the shapes they started rolling the toy to each other.

  • Make Me a Story Magnetic Playboard

    Real ReviewsMake Me a Story Magnetic Playboard

    I received Make Me a Story Magnetic Playboard created by eeBoo to review. It is listed for ages 5+, and sells for $14.

  • ParaNorman

    Family Film ReviewsParaNorman

    Norman (Kodi Smit-McPhee) loves zombie movies, monster movies, and all other kinds of movies about dead people, the grosser and gooier the better. His grandmother (Elaine Stritch) watches with him, or more accurately, she sits on the sofa and knits, so she can watch him.

  • Dr. Dreadful Alien Autopsy Set

    Real ReviewsDr. Dreadful Alien Autopsy Set

    I received the Dr. Dreadful Alien Autopsy Set to review. It is a Spin Master product, and part of the Doctor Dreadful brand. The product is for ages 5 and up, but with adult supervision I would say a 3 year old could do it. There are many things you can do with this set - you can even make gummy alien eyeballs, lung bugs, and intestines. You can also make alien guts bubble up with the motorized stomach. The set comes with an alien body and base, a measuring cup and syringe, a stir stick and scoop, and four packets of food.

  • Bionic Blox

    Real ReviewsBionic Blox

    I was excited to explore the Bionic Blox with my oldest son. Growing up, I remember playing with building toys like Legos and Tinker Toys. Toys that allow kids to “imagine, invent, and inspire” just like their packaging says are great. I want my children to grow up to be creative and smart and not just hooked up to technology 24-7. The 50-piece kit sells for around $24.99.

  • Camp Travel Edition

    Real ReviewsCamp Travel Edition

    I was wondering when I opened the game, how could it include 4 year old children and adults? I was pleasantly surprised. What a unique way to incorporate the many ages that could play this game. I did not have any children around to play this at the time, but I did have my 22 year old son, my brother, and my husband try it out.

  • Putty Peeps

    Real ReviewsPutty Peeps

    We love Play-Doh at our house and are big fans of silly putty so needless to say, we were super excited to review the super cool Putty Peeps.

  • The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Playset

    Real ReviewsThe Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Playset

    The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Playset is a boxed set including an experiment book and some of the supplies necessary to perform them.