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  • Top Toys for Your Pet

    ListTop Toys for Your Pet

    Whether it's for the holidays or a birthday, kids often make their lists of what they hope to receive as gifts. However, a very important member of the family doesn't get the opportunity to make that list. Pets are part of the family, and people love including their pets in their celebrations, more than ever before. So if you want a holiday gift for that four-legged member of the family, there are many dog and cat toys to choose from - all at very reasonable prices. Here are some of the hottest selling pet toys for that all important family member.

  • LEGO Creator Stegosaurus and Pink Brick Bucket

    Elizabeths PlayroomLEGO Creator Stegosaurus and Pink Brick Bucket

    I have great memories of playing with LEGOs with my brother, and today I love to play LEGOs with my own children. LEGO is a great classic toy regardless you have a boy or girl. Each year LEGO refreshes its brand by adding loads of new LEGO sets.

  • A Lifetime of Reading

    ListA Lifetime of Reading

    There is no better habit you can instill in your kids and the kids in your life than reading. It's a source of information, entertainment, a window on new worlds, and most importantly, it helps develop critical thinking and imagination.

  • Housing a Family of Guests

    Mannered MomHousing a Family of Guests

    With the holiday season upon us, many of us are gearing up for an exciting period of entertaining and hosting overnight guests. While we know in the back of our busy minds that our guests are there to see us - not the state of our kitchen floor - we still obsess over the details and ultimately forget the pleasure we find in these seasonal gatherings. Here's my attempt at making Emily Post, and my grandmother, proud with my own modern take on readying for the crowds.

  • Cooking Mama: World Kitchen

    Video Game ReviewsCooking Mama: World Kitchen

    Cooking Mama World Kitchen is the latest installment in the popular and kooky Cooking Mama series of games. The game’s basics remain the same—prepare and cook recipes under the guidance of Mama—but new 3D graphics, gameplay modes and mini-games add a fresh take to this culinary cutie

  • Top Toys for Keeping Kids Active

    ListTop Toys for Keeping Kids Active

    In today's world, a child's life is filled with screens (phones, TV, computers, handheld games). Parents often ask us how they can keep their child active during play - they don't want to raise a couch potato. You don't want to force your kids to exercise but enjoy it naturally in the world of play, something they will have fun doing.

  • Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee's Talking Doll House

    Elizabeths PlayroomCaring Corners Mrs. Goodbee's Talking Doll House

    As a mom, I love finding toys and other great children's products that promote social responsibility and teach our children how to be loving and caring. When I first saw the Caring Corners "Mrs. Goodbee" Talking Doll House and all of its amazing features, I knew I would want to share the information with you.

  • Re-gifting Without Shame

    Mannered MomRe-gifting Without Shame

    As the mother of two young children and recipient of many odd, duplicate, or "way too cute" gifts, I have become a "regifter". There, I've said it. Whether regifting is your answer to a penny-pinched shopping season, you're a chronic regifter, or if you truly believe some one else will covet the copper pumpkin potpourri holder you received last year - here are some tips for removing the "tacky" taboo from this timeless holiday tradition.

  • Hot Wheels Turbo Driver

    Elizabeths PlayroomHot Wheels Turbo Driver

    I grew up in Mansfield Ohio, the home of the Mid-Ohio races so I have a true love of fast cars, which I have imparted in both of my children. My kids and I love going go carting in the summer and my son is a huge NASCAR fan. So, when we all first saw the Hot WheelsTurbo Driver which allows us to go on-line at

  • Gaming Without Fear

    Mannered MomGaming Without Fear

    Video games are everywhere. You'd think with all of this distraction and hype that parents would want to learn more about what was going on in these virtual worlds consuming their kids, but alas, it seems to have the opposite effect. Increasingly parents trust their kids to make appropriate gaming choices and find a comfort in the moments of silence these video games afford them. I, however, refuse to be left in the cyberdust of my tech-savvy kids. Through my work in the toy industry and research on the topic of gaming, I've learned that some video games can actually help kids learn important skills and, when…