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  • Rise of the Guardians

    Family Film ReviewsRise of the Guardians

    As Jack Frost (Chris Pine) tells you at the start of Rise of the Guardians, the first thing he remembers is darkness. Since that moment, he goes on to say, he’s found out a little more about himself, that he can create ice and cold, that he can go barefoot in winter, and that no one else can see or hear him. While it’s fun to slip-slide on ice and deliver snow days to happy school kids, he does wish he might be seen.

  • Air Hogs 1:24th RC NASCAR - Dale Jr.

    Real ReviewsAir Hogs 1:24th RC NASCAR - Dale Jr.

    I received the Air Hogs 1:24th RC NASCAR – Dale Earnhardt, Jr. vehicle as a prize from When I received it I knew immediately that I would give it to my grandson who is 5 years old. He loves race cars and NASCAR so it was a sure hit for him. Little did I know that Grandpa and his step dad would also enjoy playing with the car! We bought batteries and gave it to Brayden. His eyes lit up and his smile was as big as the room. Imagine how my heart felt to see the little fellow happy. Grandpa put the batteries in and right away we started playing with it – yes, even I played with it as well.

  • Fashion Angels Feather Fashion Accessory Kit

    Real ReviewsFashion Angels Feather Fashion Accessory Kit

    My girls, ages 6 and 4, got the opportunity to review the Fashion Angels Feather Fashion Accessory Kit. It comes with pieces to make feather earrings, a necklace and a hair extension. It includes 24 feathers, a hair extension, 40 beads, three colors of suedette lace, four earring hooks, and instructions. It also comes with a cardboard jewelry stand. Since my girls don’t change their earrings out, we made two necklaces instead of earrings.

  • Perplexus Twist

    Real ReviewsPerplexus Twist

    The Perplexus Twist is a sphere full of thirty twisty tracks and a ball. The goal is to successfully guide the ball through all the tracks by tilting and twisting the sphere. My 7-year-old daughter was quickly intrigued and determined to get the ball through each track. This is not an easy task since there are plenty of drop offs and bumps that can knock the ball off course.

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    Family Film ReviewsWreck-It Ralph

    Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) is a villain. He’s also tired of being a villain. After three decades of smashing a brownstone apartment building in a video game named for him — and worse, having to sleep on a pile of garbage every night, alone and cold — he’s looking for some respite. He envies the warmth and community enjoyed by the hero of his game, Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer), whose magic hammer allows him to repair Ralph’s damage, again and again.

  • CatRatBatSplat

    Real ReviewsCatRatBatSplat

    We recently had the opportunity to review CatRatBatSplat, a Pressman Toy. CatRatBatSplat is a “Frenzied fun giant dice game where everyone’s a player on every turn.” The game itself only consists of 3 parts, and that’s including the box! 4 oversized dice, a deck of cards, and well... The box! The “rules” of the game are really quite simple. Each player gets 6 cards, one player rolls the four oversized dice and they see what combination of cats, rats, bats and splats come up. Then look at your six cards to see if any of them have the combination that was rolled. If you have the…

  • Secret of the Wings

    Family Film ReviewsSecret of the Wings

    Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) lives in the perfect place. In Tinkers’ Nook, the light is bright, the sunshine is warm, and she’s happy spending her time tinkering with her fellow fairy friends, as they make baskets. But still... at the beginning of Secret of the Wings, Tinker Bell has a sense that something’s missing. She’s adventurous and sprightly, yes, but she longs especially to visit another place. And not just any place, but the Winter Woods, located across a log bridge. Here, the summer animals go each wintertime, and their coats turn white and they burrow down for hibernation. And here,…

  • Splat X Smack Shot

    Real ReviewsSplat X Smack Shot

    I was sent the Splat X Smack Shot to review. It is a slingshot type launcher for ages 8+. It was very easy to remove from the packaging with a few snips and came with batteries. The launcher itself is well made, it lights up, and is easy to hold for adults and kids.

  • Out Of This World Dolls and Stardoor

    Real ReviewsOut Of This World Dolls and Stardoor

    We were very excited to receive the Out Of This World Dolls and Stardoor to review. The dolls we received were Astra and Gigi. Each doll has her own unique feature when you press the button on the front. In this case, Astra lights up and has musical chimes, while Gigi shakes and giggles. The stardoor, when the dolls are placed inside it, lights up, plays music, and recognizes which doll you have placed within. The package recommends these dolls for ages 4 and up, however, having 5 daughters under 12, I was very interested in seeing what each one thought of them.

  • Frankenweenie

    Family Film ReviewsFrankenweenie

    Young Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) loves his dog Sparky. Each day the boy survives school while looking forward to his afternoons with his dog, in the backyard or even better, in the attic, where Sparky dutifully plays assorted parts in Victor’s movies. Mostly, he plays monsters, outfitted with tinfoil and paper wings, delivering cheerful chaos to humans played by plastic army men and dolls, in super-8 sagas that inspire Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein (Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara) to ooohs and aaahs.