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  • Summer Semester: Technology Saves the Day

    Summer Semester: Technology Saves the Day

    I've been talking to a lot of parents about summer reading and some of the challenges they're facing getting their kids to read-even when it's assigned by the school.

  • Top New Toys for Summer - Live from San Francisco

    Seasonal ProductTop New Toys for Summer - Live from San Francisco

    Chris visited ABC in San Francisco to preview the summers hottest toys.

  • New Summer Toys

    Seasonal ProductNew Summer Toys

    You wouldn't think that there was much difference between bubble solutions, would you? It's just soap and water. So you think. Gazillion Bubbles actually is a better solution. We don't know how they do it, but the bubbles last longer, float higher, and, here's the most important part, are easier for even little kids to get great results with. Plus, it's non-staining. Yes, the solution is a little pricier, but it's worth it. That said, unless you're blowing a pretty bubble or two, these are outdoor toys. This is one of our favorites for this year. Pour the solution into the tray of the launch pad, place the rocket and…

  • Summer Semster: The Joys of Reading

    Summer Semster: The Joys of Reading

    Did you know that there are places that are trying to get rid of sparklers as well? These most benign of fireworks—the ones that the little kids played with—are getting banned. It’s not that kids don’t want this stuff. A bunch of us grownups were sharing our explosive experiences with some kids last weekend, and the envy in their little hearts was palpable. Bottom line: Boys love to blow things up, and while they have to settle for the virtual explosions in video games and movies, I can’t help but think that something is lost by a generation that will be less likely to know what it’s like to light a fuse…

  • Wii Punch Out!!

    Video Game ReviewsWii Punch Out!!

    When the 1980’s began, video games were predominantly played in establishments outside of your home where over-sized cabinets housed the games and quarters were inserted into slots to play. These barbaric sounding spaces were called arcades and they are where Punch-Out!!, the video boxing game, made it’s 1984 debut. A sequel, Super Punch-Out!!, arrived in the arcades in 1985 but as the decade approached its end, more and more people were playing games at home. The game makers responded to this shift by creating home versions of their arcade games and in 1987, the first home version of Punch-Out!! was…

  • Toys from the Movies: Transformers

    transformersToys from the Movies: Transformers

    I love action movies, and I really enjoy most of the summer popcorn movies. I am also a big fan of most of the Michael Bay movies. I liked The Island , and every time Armageddon is on TV, I still can't turn it off.

  • Summer Semester: Get Out and Play

    Summer Semester: Get Out and Play

    A lot has changed since I was a kid. You probably don’t want to know this, but we had ready access to cherry bombs, M-80s and other things that blew up. A pack of matches, the gas can out of the garage and a bucket of army men was enough to entertain us for the afternoon. Left to our own devices, we had many a wonderful day, and without ongoing parental supervision, well...let’s just say it’s a good thing we all have all our fingers and toes. But it does strike me as alarming that with all the constant mini-explosions going on in our neighborhood (53 kids under 13 spread out over two city blocks), that no…

  • Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs

    Video Game ReviewsHelp Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs

    My generation is the first to grow up with video games in our homes and we are now having kids of our own who are playing video games at much younger ages—you should see my four-year old nephew with the Wii. So I’m always interested in games that adults can play with kids and both age groups will actually have fun playing together. Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs is the perfect example of such a game

  • Hitting the Road and Staying Entertained

    Seasonal ProductHitting the Road and Staying Entertained

    Family vacations are what I believe is another cog in the wheel of bringing a family closer through shared experiences. From the time my oldest was 2, we took family vacations every year. When you're traveling with kids, you probably know all too well how imperative it is that you keep your kids entertained, or else there's the possibility of them driving you bananas.

  • Nintendo DSi

    Video Game ReviewsNintendo DSi

    20 years ago this month, Nintendo introduced the world to Game Boy, the company’s first handheld gaming system. That first chunky, black and white, Game Boy would go on to receive a lot of upgrades over the years—color screen, improved graphics, longer battery life, smaller and lighter size, and better sound—as new models were introduced until it was replaced by the DS in 2004. This month, the latest version of the DS, the DSi, arrived in stores and while it’s appearance hasn’t changed much on the outside from the more recent DS Lite, the upgrades under the hood make this one of the…