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  • Princess Pig

    Book ReviewsPrincess Pig

    A barnyard tale about “Pig” who wakes up to find that the wind has blown a “Princess” sash on top of her. So, she convinces herself, her animal friends and humans that she is indeed royalty. In the end, she realizes that she misses her friends and all the usual things she used to do as an ordinary pig, and rejoins her pals and their farm life.

  • Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games

    Video Game ReviewsMario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games

    As I’m writing this, we are just a few days away from the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver so I figured it would be the perfect time to review Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo Wii and DS/DSi. This is the second Olympics game (Beijing’s Summer Games was the first) to take some of the most popular and loved characters from the worlds of Nintendo and Sega and pit them against one another in a quest for gold. Playing as one of 20 characters including Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Peach and Tails, gamers will compete in 27 Olympic events ranging from ice-hockey to figure…

  • Make Way For Ducklings

    Book ReviewsMake Way For Ducklings

    The classic story about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard who search for the perfect place to raise their family of ducklings. After “scouting” many locations, they settle in Boston’s Public Garden. The Mallard family feels a bit like fish—or, ducks—out of water as they dodge speeding bikes and cars, and wonder why statues of swans won’t talk back to them.

  • Percy Jackson & The Olympians

    Family Film ReviewsPercy Jackson & The Olympians

    Like many high school students, Percy (Logan Lerman) is restless. He feels distracted in class, especially because his dyslexia makes reading a chore, frustrated that his mother, Sally (Catherine Keener), endures verbal abuse by her husband, the ignominiously named Gabe Ugliano (Joe Pantoliano). He’s also tired of Sally telling him, “Some day it’ll all make sense.”

  • The Valentine Bears

    Book ReviewsThe Valentine Bears

    A heartwarming, classic story of Mrs. Bear’s mission to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her dear Mr. Bear, which they always miss because of their hibernation. Mrs. Bear sets her alarm for early on February 14th and prepares her surprises. But, she has a hard time waking up Mr. Bear, only to find that he’s got some of his own surprises for her!

  • World Of Zoo

    Video Game ReviewsWorld Of Zoo

    Virtual Pet games have come a long way since the first Tamagotchi pets arrived in our pockets. While Tamagotchis are still around and getting more sophisticated all the time (best feature, the pause button so mom and dad don't have to babysit), the current trend in virtual pets is bringing the pets out of pockets and onto game systems. Nintendogs revolutionized the category when it launched on the DS and now World of Zoo brings the long-running craze to the living room. Like all virtual pets, World of Zoo requires you to care for and raise an animal. However, this time there is a whole zoo full of animals.

  • Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC

    Book ReviewsShiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC

    Pirates remain a popular theme for kids of all ages and June Sobel’s rhyming tale takes readers through a pirate adventure using the alphabet. A simple plot has the crocodile captain ordering his crew of pigs, foxes and other animals to sail the seas and “capture” all the letters of the alphabet.

  • SimAnimals Africa

    Video Game ReviewsSimAnimals Africa

    SimAnimals Africa, the sequel to the first SimAnimals, takes gamers to the wilds of Africa where they will get to know the animals while exploring the exotic Serengeti. Like the traditional Sims games, players have an overhead view of the landscape and inhabitants. However, in this game, those inhabitants are all animals. Players will interact with and control animals, such as zebras, elephants and gorillas, as they use the animals to complete challenges and achieve goals.

  • The Tooth Fairy

    Family Film ReviewsThe Tooth Fairy

    Primarily, The Tooth Fairy is an occasion for The Rock to wear a pink tutu. A thin premise for a movie -- even a family movie that's being dumped to theaters in January -- it is somewhat buoyed by Dwayne Johnson's considerable charms. He plays Derek Thompson, an almost-hockey star now serving as the "enforcer" for a team in Lansing, Michigan. Whenever he's called out onto the ice, he's supposed to knock down an opponent ("Find a dark jersey and hit it!" commands his coach). It's not exactly an image to feel proud of, but Derek treats it as a job: on good nights, like the one that opens the movie, this violent…

  • The Spy Next Door

    Family Film ReviewsThe Spy Next Door

    By all appearances, Bob (Jackie Chan) lives a dull life as a pen importer. Little do the kids next door—Farren (Madeline Carroll), Ian (Will Shadley), and four-year-old Nora (Alina Foley)—know that he is in fact a superspy from China, on loan to the CIA. Because they think he’s a “nerd,” the children are unhappy that he’s dating their mom, Gillian (Amber Valetta), and quite horrified when the topic of marriage comes up. Conveniently, so does Gillian’s father’s illness, which means she has to leave her brood in Bob’s care for a few days. He promises her that…