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  • It's Hard to Be Five

    Book ReviewsIt's Hard to Be Five

    A five-year-old boy tells us, through an easy-to-read rhyming beat, about the many trials and tribulations of his age. We learn about how hard it is to control one’s hands and mouth, sit still, keep clean, start a new school and a number of other “hardships”. He turns the corner upon the realization that his body and mind are like a car. With the “license to steer,” he can make many decisions such as use manners, when to walk and run, cross the street and even how to dream.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Family Film ReviewsDiary of a Wimpy Kid

    “The only reason I agreed to do this at all,” explains 11-year-old Greg (Zachary Gordon) at the beginning of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, “is because I figure later on, when I’m rich and famous, I’ll have better things to do than answer people’s stupid questions all day long. So this book is gonna come in handy.”

  • Endless Ocean: Blue World

    Video Game ReviewsEndless Ocean: Blue World

    Endless Ocean: Blue World is a story-driven and visually enticing game in which you are a character taking time off from school to search for a legendary sunken city. Unfortunately, you aren’t made of money so in order to spend time diving and searching, you are going to have to work for L&L Diving Service and your boss, Jean-Eric, the ship’s captain. Along the way, you will find yourself going deeper into an undersea mystery as you learn about the creatures and habitats beneath the surface.

  • Wake Up, It's Spring!

    Book ReviewsWake Up, It's Spring!

    A very sweet, simple story that celebrates, how the Earth “wakes up” for spring, beginning with the sun, moving onto plants, insects, animals and finally, humans.

  • Rhyming Dust Bunnies

    Book ReviewsRhyming Dust Bunnies

    A story about four dust bunny pals named Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob. As the title implies, they like to say rhyming words, but Bob puts an end to the rhyming sequence when trying to call attention to the impending danger of a broom. In the end, they all wind up where dust bunnies should be, in theory -- the vacuum cleaner.

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Family Film ReviewsAlice in Wonderland

    Alice Kingsleigh has nightmares. Or, as she puts it, she has “only one,” the same bad dream again and again: she’s falling down a dark hole, then landing hard in a woodsy place where she meets strange creatures -- a dodo bird, a smiling cat, and a rabbit in a waistcoat. When she’s just six (and played by Mairi Ella Challen), her father (Marton Csokas) comforts her, assuring her that even if she has lost her mind, “All the best people have.” Thirteen years later, Alice (now played by Mia Wasikowska) misses her father, recently deceased, and tries her best to please her mother…

  • EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer

    Video Game ReviewsEA Sports Active: Personal Trainer

    We all have our excuses for not working out. They usually start off with, “I can’t work out because…” and they often end with, “I don’t have time”, “gym memberships are too expensive”, “my home is too small for workout equipment”, “I’m too busy reviewing video games to workout”. Unfortunately (for us excuse-makers), EA’s Active Personal Trainer answers everyone of those “I cant’s” with a yes-you-can attitude and your own, private personal trainer.

  • My Name is Yoon

    Book ReviewsMy Name is Yoon

    Helen Recorvits’ first illustrated children’s book about a young girl from Korea adapting to life in the U.S., has deservedly won numerous awards. Yoon, who does not speak English, starts school in the U.S. is understandably very resistant to her new surroundings. At first, she does not like her new school, but each day she gains a bit more confidence and begins to make friends, bond with her teacher and enjoy her new language.

  • Family Game Night 2010

    Family Game NightFamily Game Night 2010

    Playing games are great for families, bringing them together with a shared experience that can make them closer. When there are different ages and genders of kids in a home, they often don’t watch the same TV programs, want to see different movies, and have different interests. Most games are gender neutral, can bring a family together in an activity that fosters communication and sharing. The more time the family spends together, usually the closer they will be.

  • Squeeballs Party

    Video Game ReviewsSqueeballs Party

    Squeeballs Party is a wacked-out collection of mini-games in which cute, little, living toys called Squeeballs act as the gear in a variety of sports challenges. The challenges range from the everyday activities of bowling and racket sports, where the Squeeballs are bowling pins and balls (respectively) to the more bizarre Stampede Challenge in which the player has to launch bombs at approaching Squeeballs before they can “overwhelm you with their love” (for real).