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  • Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Cyborg Blaster Starter Set

    Real ReviewsHot Wheels Trick Tracks Cyborg Blaster Starter Set

    Being a mom to a little boy means that Hot Wheels cars are a daily part of our lives. My 6-year-old son Jonathan always carries at least one Hot Wheels car in his pocket, because you never know when an opportunity to race a car will come up! However, we don’t have many of the Hot Wheels race tracks or stunt sets, so when the Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Cyborg Blaster Starter Set arrived at our door from, Jonathan’s eyes lit up and he was super excited to try it out!

  • Iron Man 2

    Family Film ReviewsIron Man 2

    The return of Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) begins with a bang. He jumps from a plane, hurtles through the night sky over Flushing Meadows Park, and lands with a boom on… a stage. Iron Man is a show, complete with dancing girls, explosions, and cheering fans—all celebrating the peace he’s imposed on the planet and oh yes, the smart-alecky genius of Tony Stark, the millionaire who invented, protected, and now totally is Iron Man.

  • Sonny With A Chance

    Video Game ReviewsSonny With A Chance

    Sonny With A Chance is the latest Disney Channel hit show and stars Demi Lovato in the role of Allison “Sonny” Munroe, a teen who lands a role on her favorite TV show, “So Random”! The video game, of the same name, allows fans of the show to play as their favorite character in a collection of mini-games with a board game theme.

  • Are You My Mother?

    Book ReviewsAre You My Mother?

    Happy Anniversary to this classic story about a baby bird’s search to find his mother! On the day her egg is about to hatch, Mama bird leaves the nest to find food for the arrival of her new baby. While she’s gone, the egg hatches and her baby bird wonders where he is and sets out to find her. Not knowing what his mother looks like, he asks several animals, including a dog, hen and cow, the famous question, “Are you my mother?” Refusing to take “no” for an answer, the little guy continues on his quest, posing the question to a car, boat, plane and steam shovel. In a sweet twist,…

  • Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock

    Real ReviewsStoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock

    Like many young preschoolers, my youngest has some rather erratic sleeping patterns and frequently wakes up throughout the night asking “Mommy is it time to get up yet?” Thankfully, someone (I’m sure it was a mommy) created the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock. The Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock helps children determine whether or not it’s time to get out of bed. The premise is simple: “green” means time to wake up, “red” means “not quite time to wake up” and the yellow light serves as a nightlight.

  • Furry Vengeance

    Family Film ReviewsFurry Vengeance

    Dan (Brendan Fraser) means well. He’s also clueless, a point underlined when he first appears in Furry Vengeance, stepping out the front door of his big white house, coffee cup in hand. “Ah, nature!” he announces, just as the camera cuts to show his view -- a subdivision in the making. Yes, there are lawns and a few shrubs amid the construction, but it’s plain that Dan doesn’t have much understanding of “nature.”

  • Here Comes the Garbage Barge!

    Book ReviewsHere Comes the Garbage Barge!

    This new book is a fictionalized version of a true story of the infamous odyssey of a barge full of garbage -- more than 3,000 tons of it -- from the town of Islip on New York’s Long Island, NY, down the East Coast, and back again. With local landfills at capacity, chief garbage man, Gino Stroffolino, gets the idea to dump it in North Carolina. Cap’m Duffy St. Pierre and his tugboat are hired to tow the barge to Morehead City, NC, but a barge is a big thing. You can’t just dump it and run! Cap’m Duffy and his barge were chased away by local police. Next stop is New Orleans with similar…

  • LeapFrog Chat & Count Cell Phone

    Real ReviewsLeapFrog Chat & Count Cell Phone

    The LeapFrog Chat & Count Cell Phone is a play cell phone recommended for ages 18 months to 3 years. Jasper is 2 and a half but he tends to prefer toys that are targeted to older kids (robots that battle, action figures, etc.), so I was a bit concerned that it might be too “young” for him. To my surprise, he fell in love with it immediately. It looks like a cross between a smart phone and a calculator, with an LED screen that shows a cute puppy (an animated version of LeapFrog’s plush My Pal Scout). We’re big fans of LeapFrog toys in general, the Tag Reader and Leapster are our favorites,…

  • Gazillion Bubble Rocket

    Real ReviewsGazillion Bubble Rocket

    When you think of spring what do you think of? I think of flowers blooming, kids yelling and of course bubbles!

  • Deca Sports DS

    Video Game ReviewsDeca Sports DS

    Following the success of the Deca Sports series on the Wii, Deca Sports DS is a diverse collection of ten sports games that range from standards like golf and Ping Pong to the more off-beat such as Arm Wrestling, Clay Shooting and Sepak Takraw (that’s a new one to me).