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  • Tilly the Trickster

    Book ReviewsTilly the Trickster

    Actress-comedienne Molly Shannon’s first children’s book is about a little girl who loves to play pranks. Some of Tilly’s pranks are harmless. For instance, she pretends to oversleep for school, and when her mother hurriedly wakes her up, Tilly jumps out of bed already dressed. Others are a bit less considerate; such as telling her friends they all missed the school bus, leaving Tilly to be the only one to hop on when it arrives. Tilly’s trickery catches up to her when she gives a teacher a red-hot candy that she passes off as strawberry. Tilly’s family gets back at her by making Tilly…

  • Little Tikes Tike Stix Doghouse & Pet Building Set

    Real ReviewsLittle Tikes Tike Stix Doghouse & Pet Building Set

    The Tike Stix Doghouse & Pet Building Set from Little Tikes is a large construction kit with 30 pieces: 7 connector bars, 9 multi connectors, 6 small beams, 3 base connectors and 5 tarp/fabric clips. The kit comes in a sturdy box which makes it very convenient & easy to store. The directions include FIVE assembly options: doghouse, dog, helicopter, scorpion and little clubhouse or tent. Additional assembly options suggested are lemonade stand, house, soccer goal and a work bench. However, creation options are limited only by your child’s imagination as this set promotes open-ended creative play.

  • Air Hogs Adventures Fire Rescue

    Real ReviewsAir Hogs Adventures Fire Rescue

    Does your child love action play toys? Do they enjoy firetrucks and fire rescue? Here is the toy we got to review from Time to Play.

  • The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

    Book ReviewsThe Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

    This title, released last fall, is Eric Carle’s first new picture book in more than four years. It is about an artist who paints animals as he sees them. The blue horse of the title is accompanied by a yellow cow, purple fox, red crocodile and other animals. In creating this book, Mr. Carle was inspired by the work of Expressionist painter Franz Marc, a German painter who is known for using blue horses in his paintings.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Family Film ReviewsMirror Mirror

    You’ve heard Snow White’s story before. But you may not have heard the Wicked Queen’s. As Clementianna (Julia Roberts) tells her version at the beginning of Mirror Mirror, animated figures act out an increasingly dark tale, wherein Snow White’s mother dies in childbirth and her father disappears into the woods one night — after he takes a moment to marry Clementianna, who is left behind to care for her stepdaughter. Afraid the child will grow up to become “the fairest of them all,” the evil queen keeps her locked inside the castle, while she visits regularly with the source…

  • Ollie the Purple Elephant

    Book ReviewsOllie the Purple Elephant

    Mr. McLaughlin tells his children that should they ever come across a purple elephant, they could keep him. Of course, the children, Peter and Shelby, find such a creature in the park and bring him home. Ollie fits in beautifully with the family and their activities, especially on hot days when he cools down the kids and their friends with his water-spouting trunk. Everyone loves Ollie, except for Ginger, the McLaughlin’s cat, and Mr. Puddlebottom, the man who lives in the apartment below. Ginger and Mr. Puddlebottom create a scheme that sends Ollie away with the circus. One year later, when the circus comes…

  • The Hunger Games

    Family Film ReviewsThe Hunger Games

    In the mornings, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) heads out to hunt. She makes her way out of the cottage she shares with her mother (Paula Malcomson) and little sister Primrose (Willow Shields), past the fence marking the “District Boundary,” into the woods where she shoots squirrels and birds. A determined provider for her family, she still finds time to imagine another sort of future with Gale (Liam Hemsworth), where they might live somewhere else and not feel so burdened day by day.

  • The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit

    Real ReviewsThe Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit

    Thank you again for The Cooking Club for Kids Chocolate Kit. We used it for the first time this afternoon. My kids were delighted as I opened the box. They waiting excitedly in their aprons and cooking hats. The kit included a double boiler for melting chocolate, a ladle for pouring, 3 chocolate molds (bunnies, stars, and hearts), and collectable chocolate recipes. The kit did not include chocolate but does not say that on the box anywhere. I figured that it wouldn’t, so we purchased our chocolates at Michael’s craft store.

  • Spring Round-Up

    Book ReviewsSpring Round-Up

    The kids’ bikes are out of the shed, daffodils are ready to bloom and bins of warm-weather clothes sit in each of our bedrooms. Though we haven’t had a harsh winter, the energizing days of spring are as welcome as ever. It’s also the time when we pull out Easter books and other spring-related titles that we haven’t read for awhile. Following is a selection of new and existing books that will entertain the kids and may teach them something new about the upcoming holidays. Happy Spring!

  • Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Play Set

    Real ReviewsHot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Play Set

    It’s hard getting my boys to take baths. I don’t know what it is about little boys and soap and water, but it’s a chore just getting them IN to the tub, let alone to actually stay in there long enough to get clean.