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  • Monkey & Elephant's Worst Fight Ever

    Monkey & Elephant's Worst Fight Ever

    Monkey and Elephant are best friends. One night, Monkey stops by Elephant’s house with a gift, only to find a party going on inside. Monkey jumps to the conclusion that Elephant had a party without inviting him. Monkey feels very sad, then becomes angry and “gets even” by freezing Elephant’s toys. Confused by this mean-spirited act, Elephant becomes equally as mad and does something mean in return. The back-and-forth cycle continues and worsens until their friends decide to intervene. While Elephant and Monkey are sleeping, their friends send them off into the ocean in a rowboat. The two hash…

  • Fox


    This is a sweet story about growing up. A young fox is born as spring brings new growth to his surroundings. Just like a young child, he is anxious to explore the outdoors. But, the youngling must remain in the care of his mother and father who teach him many things, such as how to hunt for food, protect himself and store food for the winter. He often thinks that he’s ready to go off on his own, but his parents say “not yet” and continue to teach him how to survive in the wilderness. Once the little fox proves to his parents that he’s mastered all of these essential skills, they lovingly allow…



    Amelia Bedelia, the wacky housekeeper that takes everything she hears literally, heads out west to visit her Uncle Buck Bedelia and his “Double B Ranch.” From her first moments on the ranch, she has everyone scratching their heads. When she meets the ranch foreman, she wonders where the “one, two and three men” are, and has a terrible time envisioning how she will ride a horse that is completely broken. She also brings new meaning to “shoeing” a horse — think “shoo fly!” Her days at the ranch are filled with more misadventures, but as usual, everyone around her…

  • Water, Weed and Wait

    Water, Weed and Wait

    Students at Pepper Lane Elementary School are doing a lesson on planting and start a garden in their school’s yard. Along with Miss Marigold, their teacher, they hold a clean-up one Saturday to ready the yard for planting. The school’s grumpy neighbor Mr. Barkley (a.k.a. Mr. Barks-a-Lot) wonders why there’s so much noise in the schoolyard on a weekend. An avid gardener himself, Mr. Barkley joins the group and helps Miss Marigold plan a garden that’s sure to be one of the best in town. With plenty of great tips from Mr. Barkley and Miss Marigold, the time comes to “water, weed and…

  • Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

    Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

    A young adopted child loves to hear the story about how she came into this world and joined her new family. She’s heard the story many times and knows it by heart. Each page begins with “tell me again,” as she urges her parents to relay the steps of her adoption from the time they received the call, hopped on a plane, saw her for the first time, and so on. Each step of the way, funny and wonderful memories are recalled about how the girl and her parents became a family.

  • Go Dog. Go! 50th Anniversary Party Edition

    Go Dog. Go! 50th Anniversary Party Edition

    Fifty years ago, P.D. Eastman gave beginning readers a fun way to learn to read simple words and sentences with this classic canine extravaganza. Rather than a traditional plot, the book features a series of related vignettes featuring dogs of many colors, doing wacky things such as riding a roller coaster, skiing and other non-dog activities. However, the “story” does build to a culmination at the end — a grand pooch party.

  • Why Do I Have to Make My Bed?

    Why Do I Have to Make My Bed?

    A little boy tells his mom about all the chores he just completed and asks the question, “So why do I have to make my bed?” She tells him a story about her grandmother who also complained about making her bed after finishing her chores. Then, Grandma’s mother told her a similar story about her grandfather, and so on, through generations, with all stories ending in “Why do I have to make my bed?” When the story regresses back to 40,000 B.C., a young cave boy’s mother gives a different answer than all the others — “Because I said so.” He simply says…

  • Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique

    Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique

    In this addition to the popular Fancy Nancy series, Nancy eyes a fabulous lace fan at a boutique, but doesn’t have enough money to buy it. So she sets up her own boutique in her front yard and sells her “old” clothes and accessories to raise enough money. While business is great, Nancy’s little sister, JoJo, is very upset because she wants to buy her sparkly rhinestone necklace but has no money. Despite JoJo’s interest, Nancy sells the necklace to a friend. JoJo later catches Nancy wrapping a gift and is hopeful that it’s the necklace. Nancy’s conscience gets the best of her…

  • The Greenzys

    The Greenzys

    A 5,000-year-old pine tree named Orinda is growing weak due to pollution. Her very last pinecone is her only hope to help create new pine trees. When it is stolen by the evil “Grimy”, Orinda’s branches magically grow and stretch around the world, pulling in eight unsuspecting animals to help her. The animals are doubtful that they can help rescue Orinda’s treasured pinecone, but with Orinda’s simple touch, they are given special powers. Their fur turns green and a “Greenzys” heart appears on their chest. Like a band of superheroes, “the Greenzys” follow a trail of…

  • Easter Round-Up

    Easter Round-Up

    Flowers are popping up, and the birds are chirping, which means the spring holidays are just around the corner. While sweet treats abound, toss a new book or two into the mix, and watch the kids hop into your lap for some cuddle time.