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  • Spring Round-Up

    Spring Round-Up

    The kids’ bikes are out of the shed, daffodils are ready to bloom and bins of warm-weather clothes sit in each of our bedrooms. Though we haven’t had a harsh winter, the energizing days of spring are as welcome as ever. It’s also the time when we pull out Easter books and other spring-related titles that we haven’t read for awhile. Following is a selection of new and existing books that will entertain the kids and may teach them something new about the upcoming holidays. Happy Spring!

  • Farley and the Lost Bone

    Farley and the Lost Bone

    Farley, the dog from the “For Better or For Worse” comic strip, is enjoying a beautiful spring day, when he remembers that he buried a nice juicy bone during the previous fall. Unfortunately, he cannot remember where. He starts digging in Elly’s newly planted flowerbed but doesn’t find it and gets chased away. Then, he tries a couple of other spots in the yard with no success and is scolded by the other family members. Feeling sad, Farley heads to his special “alone spot.” Well guess what? His special spot is exactly where he buried his bone, and he settles down in the plush green…

  • The Basket Ball

    The Basket Ball

    Lulu loved to do all “girly” activities such as dress-up and playing with her dolls, but she loved playing basketball most of all. Unfortunately, the boys at school wouldn’t let her play with them. So she decided to host her own basket “ball” and invited girls from around the world to attend. Dozens of girls came in their frilly dresses and “high top heels,” and played like super stars. The “ball” was such a hit that they all decided to make it an annual event.

  • The Wonder Book

    The Wonder Book

    This collection of more than two dozen poems, short stories and random observations about life and childhood is by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, author of the “Cookie” series of life lessons. The selections cover a number of topics children often wonder about. They range from simple questions such as “Who left something under the tooth fairy’s pillow when she was little?” to irreverent musings like how to say “fart” in nine languages. There is also a clever poem entitled, “Prince Backwards,” in which you read from the last line to the top, among many other works.

  • George Washington’s Birthday: A Mostly True Tale

    George Washington’s Birthday: A Mostly True Tale

    This newly released historical fiction is about young George Washington, who is celebrating his seventh birthday. Naturally, young George is excited about his birthday, but it seems that his family has forgotten all about it. The day only gets worse. When he makes a mistake in his daily math lesson, his older half brother Augustine declares, “You’ll never amount to anything.” George replies with an ironic, “Someday I’ll be the boss of you.” And later, while helping his father prune some cherry trees, he completely chops one down in frustration. (Sound familiar?) After giving up on…

  • ZooZical


    Winter at the Springfield zoo can be a slow time, and the animals were feeling lazy and bored. One day, a young hippo and kangaroo decided to break up the monotony by creating a hip-hoppity beat that soon had all the animals singing and dancing. They decided to stage a musical production, called a “ZooZical,” to showcase all of the animals’ unique talents. The animals sang their own versions of popular tot songs, such as “it’s a tall world after all...”, sung by the giraffes, and “for he’s a jolly gorilla ...”, sung by the gorillas, of course. Once word got out,…

  • The Best Kind of Kiss

    The Best Kind of Kiss

    This new release book by a first-time children’s author is about all kinds of kisses. Of course, there are big kisses and small kisses, but there are also fluttery kisses and petal kisses. And, there are smelly-yelly-brother kisses and rosy-cozy-grandma kisses. The young female narrator and subject of the book takes readers through a wide variety of smooches. With a kiss for basically everything, living and otherwise, that the little girl encounters during her day, her very favorite kiss happens towards the evening when her “big bristly growly” daddy walks through the door!

  • Double Trouble Groundhog Day

    Double Trouble Groundhog Day

    Grampie Groundhog has the important job of popping out of the ground every February 2nd to check the weather. This year, Grampie is ready to pass the torch on to one of his quarrelsome twin grandchildren, Greta and Gregory. Of course, they fight over who will get the honors and celebrity attention. Gregory wins after drawing straws and another round of bickering ensues. On the night before the big event, Gregory has a hard time sleeping. When Greta finally awakens her brother the next morning, he has such a case of stage fright that he even needs his sister to pull him out of the ground. Members of the press were…

  • Nursery Rhyme Comics

    Nursery Rhyme Comics

    This collection of nursery rhymes is noteworthy and uniquely appealing because the illustrations were done by well-known cartoonists and comic book artists. The collection includes nursery rhymes that have been favorites for generations of kids, such as “Three Little Kittens,” “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” and “Jack Be Nimble.” However, the comics give them a distinctly modern interpretation. Readers won’t find more traditional pastels and water colors in this collection. Instead, “Rock-A-Bye Baby” appears as a frame-by-frame comic strip. Readers may recognize such…

  • Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook

    Handstand Kids Mexican Cookbook

    As the title hints, this is a cookbook for kids full of Mexican recipes. Handstand Kids are a team of children who love to cook and eat. The recipes are graded according to difficulty on a scale of one to four “avocados,” and offer alternative ingredients to help to expand creativity. The book is divided in four sections: “All Kids Love ...”, “Nutritious & Delicious,” “Mexican-ize My...” and “Save Room For ...”. Brightly colored pictures help to define ingredients and kitchen tools, and the Spanish pronunciation for many items is included.