LEGO City High Speed Chase

Oh, LEGOs! How I love thee! I sat down with my oldest son after dinner and let him put together the first of three build included in the LEGO City High Speed Chase. He could follow the instructions without much help from me, though he was quite meticulous in making sure they were the correct pieces for each step. The first build was the police motorcycle, and the simplest of the three. After building it, he played with it all evening!

He loved the attachments for the back of the motorcycle, including a walkie talkie and handcuffs. A few nights later, he built the police car with dad. This one was more complicated but worth the patience. There is a super cool trunk on the car where you can store some of the accessories. Dad’s favorite was the little coffee mug that makes a police car complete! The last of the builds was the uber sleek robber car. It’s a bright cherry red convertible and looks fast. The robber has the appropriate black eye mask, hood, and striped shirt. It even came with little monies and a gold bar! A little part of me hated that the robber’s car was more fun to play with, but they had such a blast with them it didn’t matter.

Over all, the only downside was the stickers. Some stickers came already attached and some he had to add himself. He could not get them on straight and ended up tearing a couple. The best part was that there were three build included so we stretched the building over several evenings! Since the High Speed Chase had three builds, three kids could play with them together. Our kitchen table had race scenes every night! This was a great set and would make a great gift for any LEGO lover.


What do you think about LEGO City High Speed Chase?

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