Twister Rave Skip It

What is it:

Twister Rave Skip It game by Hasbro. It is a skipping game that features flashing lights that strobe through multiple colors as you advance levels.

Why it’s fun:

Twister Rave Skip It has many elements of fun packed into one toy. It is competitive, fun, and a great work-out.

Who it’s for:

My 11, 7, and 4 year old children all tried this game out, and my younger two are not able to master it (it is for ages 6 and up). My oldest would get extremely frustrated at first and was not a fan, however I am glad I waited to write a review as she has played with it daily and now that she has the hang of it really loves it. She can often be found listening to her iPod and playing with it which is great since it keeps her active. I think 6 is too young for the toy, however coordinated children may be able to do it with practice. As an added bonus, it is fun in the trampoline as well.

What to be aware of:

The game takes 3 AAA batteries which are not included, and may pose a problem if given as a gift. Removing the toy from the packaging is quite an undertaking as well. The toy itself is made of hard, durable plastic which can hurt if it strikes against bare legs or ankles. Shoes and long pants are really needed.


What do you think about Twister Rave Skip It?

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