Cars Stunt Racers Dinoco Stunt Show Stunt Set

This stunt set is easy to assemble and took me about 15 minutes to completely set up with decals and all. Once assembled you can put the Gray launching crank on any of the 3 tracks.

The center track is used to launch the car onto the center platform and do a tail spin. The two side tracks are for side wheelies. You place the car in the launching bay, lock it in and spin the crank to rev up then push the release button. The car flies up the track and spins on the platform. It took several attempts to figure out the correct number of cranks to achieve the correct speed to make the car land on the platform and perform the stunt.

Kids will enjoy this set trying to figure out how to make the car do the different stunts. My grandson is four and he got a little frustrated trying to get the car to do the spin trick but had no trouble with the side wheelie stunts. Younger kids will also enjoy just playing with the car by itself. You can use it alone by just pulling back the car to rev up and letting go.

Cons of the track are that it does take up quite a bit of room assembled and if you try to move it, the back poles fall off and have to be put back on. The launcher piece also has to be moved each time you want to use a different stunt track and can be a little difficult for little hands.

Overall it is a nice set and my grandson enjoyed playing with it and the car all by itself.


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