Nerf Weather Blitz Football

We received the Nerf Weather Blitz Football to review.

The moment I got this football in the mail I hoped for snow so that the kids could try it out in the snow because the football is made for all types of weather.

We got lucky this late in winter to get some snow, so we headed outside to have some fun. The ridges on the football did make the football easier to grip and throw, but it also caused the snow to stick in between them when a pass landed in the snow, so the kids had to keep wiping the snow off before they threw it. Other than that no other problems.

The kids had a lot of fun, and I know they will be playing with it throughout the summer.

This football is recommended for ages 5+, but we had a 4-year-old playing with it and we had no problems with that.

The Nerf Football is made to play in all conditions: sun, rain, snow, and mud. It comes in three different sizes: youth, classic, and pro. You can also get it in a variety of colors or logos.

This football is fun because it’s not too heavy like a normal football. It is soft for younger hands. We have not used this football enough to see how well it does in the durability department, but it claims on the box that this football has outstanding durability. Plus the bright colors make it easy to see.

All together the kids gave the Nerf Weather Blitz Football two thumbs up and had a lot of fun!


What do you think about Nerf Weather Blitz Football?

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