The Original DoodleArt Fairy Tales Poster

The Original DoodleArt Fairy Tales poster was a very good family project and my kids ages 5 and up loved it. We all participated and each took over a section and colored. Then we all came together and joined in on each others and created Art. This is definitely not a one day project which is the best part. It can take up to a few days to do or you can extend up to a week or so. Since we love doing things together as a family and are getting more crafty we enjoyed this and still have more to finish. I love the size and it is very convenient to put away neat in the package it came in. I would definitely purchase these as future projects with my family. The theme was nice as well. Thank you for the chance to keep my family interested in fun things.


What do you think about The Original DoodleArt Fairy Tales Poster?

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