Electric Football Game

We played the Electric Football Game this weekend. The goal post kept falling down and the instructions on the timer were vague to say the least. We finally determined that the small disc with holes were for the bottom of the timer wheels and had to force to apply them because the holes were so small.

We’re still practicing with the directional disc on the player bases to find the correct position for the direction we want our players to go. The speed control knob is also very difficult to turn. There was a small piece of plastic included to cover the knob to make it easier to turn but the knob did not look like the one pictured (it had a top flange to help hold on to) and it was still difficult to turn.

Now let’s get to the play. Vibrating little men going all over the place? Awesome!

“Look Ahma they’re dancing together!” — Ayla Rose, 6 years old

“This is too cool” — Apolo Xavier, 10 years old

“This is the daddy and this is the mama — like my mom and dad!” — Alystar Dasie, 3 years old

“Is there anymore spaghetti?” — Aiyana Mercedes, 12 years old

Except for the assembly, we love this game!! We found a photo of the children’s mother and her sister playing an electric football game back in 1983 so this is full circle for them. What fun!!


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