Piyo Piyo 7-Piece Baby Food Processor Set

I recently received a Piyo Piyo brand 7-Piece Baby Food Processor Set to review for TimetoPlayMag.com. My initial impression was that the set was well packaged & nicely displayed in the box with a big plastic window to easily see all the pieces included. The cheery yellow packaging & ducky mascot added to its appeal. I really like making my own baby food & the cost of this set is affordable.

Upon opening the package I was impressed with the durability of all the pieces. This set includes:

- grinding lid
- stainless steel filter
- plastic grinding board
- juice extractor
- feeding spoon
- wooden grinding stick
- grinder bowl with suction cup base

The instructions on the back of the box were easy to follow & I assembled the set within seconds. It fits together well & I was surprised at how compact the unit was once assembled. All too often tools like this take up way too much space, especially in a small kitchen like mine with not enough cupboards for storage.

Now to put it to the test! My baby is 14 months old & eats a wide variety of foods. We first tried the juicer with a couple of oranges & it worked exceptionally well. I really appreciated the suction cup on the bottom of the bowl to hold it in place. When I was done juicing the oranges, the suction broke easily & the juice didn’t spill everywhere like I had expected. The spout on the side of the bowl made it very easy to pour into her sippy cup.

Next I tried the grinder bowl & wooden grinding stick. To be honest, I wasn’t as impressed with this feature as I was with the juicer. I used it to grind up some short grain brown rice to make her a rice cereal. It took a bit of work but I managed to get it to a texture that resembled the rice cereal that I used to make for her in the blender. If you don’t own a blender then this method works just fine, you just need to be patient & use a bit of elbow grease.

The grinding lid is interesting. You just pop the lid off the top of the stack & flip it over to put it to use. The illustration on the back of the box shows what looks like a banana being ground up in it. I’m not sure why I’d grind up a banana since it’s already soft & easy to mash up with a banana for smaller babies? Needless to say, I didn’t try this feature of the set.

The spoon that comes with the feeding set is great though! It’s got a nice long handle & it’s quite narrow for an easy fit into a smaller baby’s mouth.

I found the grinding board a bit frustrating to use as it doesn’t “click” into the bowl with suction cup base the way the juicer does. So using it to grind up carrots was a frustrating experience as the grinding board kept sliding off of the bowl. I ended up just taking it right off of the bowl & using it on an angle over a plate. It was sharp enough to create nice thin chunks for baby.

Overall, I’d give this product a thumbs up IF you are planning on making food for a younger baby (6-9 months) and need a finer texture than chunky finger foods. I’ll be keeping this product around for when I make food for my next baby.


What do you think about Piyo Piyo 7-Piece Baby Food Processor Set?

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