Braidzilla Bracelet Braiding Kit

The Braidzilla Bracelet Braiding Kit is for creating braid bracelets. In the box, it has the apparel and 10 different color cords to create the bracelets with.

The process is really simple. Just turn the cord around the apparel as the instructions state, and in 5 minutes you have a bracelet!

It’s fun because it is very quick to realize what you are supposed to do. You can use many different items such as wool, fabric, and ribbons as long as they fit in the apparel.

This kit is recommended for kids 8 years old and up. However, it is ok for kids who are younger as my oldest son is 5 years old and he was able to do it with little difficulty.

Overall, I think this is a fun kit but it’s not something you play with for hours. You don’t want to put it too far away because they want a red, after a blue, oh! One for my friend and so on!


What do you think about Braidzilla Bracelet Braiding Kit?

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