Play-Doh Buster the Power Crane

We received the Play-Doh Buster the Power Crane to review. We love playing with Play-Doh and this set went beyond expectations. This is a great set for anyone that loves Play-Doh but is probably geared toward kids 3 and up who enjoy building things and boys familiar with the Tonka Chuck & Friends toy line. The set comes with Buster, a crane truck with rolling wheels and a light-up button you push to hear Buster talk. Included are a saw for cutting through dough, a roller, and a moving crane arm that you can attach either a wrecking ball, drill bit, or two stamps to. Also included are four containers of Play-Doh; two molds that will form bricks, cones, saw horses, and bolts; and a rail and extruder on the back of Buster to make i-beams and pipes.

As a parent, one of the things that I loved most about this set is that each tool has a designated spot on Buster’s body where it can be stored when not being played with. Also, the colors of the dough fit with the theme of the set and are not the typical colors seen in stores: silver/metal, black with glitter/asphalt, sand, and brick red. I was impressed with the character of Buster. My daughter loved how Buster was brought to life by pressing the button on him. He says a variety of phrases encouraging you to play and build along with him. We spent quite a bit of time molding bricks, stacking them to make walls, and then knocking them down with Buster’s crane arm and the wrecking ball attachment. We drove Buster around the construction work site we created. The interaction with Buster brings a whole new level of play to Play-Doh, and there are so many more hours of fun to be had because of this. I would highly recommend this toy and plan on getting another one as a gift in the future!


What do you think about Play-Doh Buster the Power Crane?

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